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Warning: That file was not part of the compilation database. It may have many parsing errors. For further. ContextType contextType.

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A QML app designed for portrait devices that uses custom components, animated with AnimationController, and JavaScript for the application logic.

Hierarchy example is shows how to write an in-process ActiveX control. The control is a QWidget subclass with child widgets that are accessible as sub-types. Media Player example uses the Microsoft Media Player ActiveX control to implement a functional media player application.

The server executable can run both as an ActiveX server and as a stand-alone application. Qutlook example demonstrates the use of ActiveQt to automate Outlook. An example demonstrating how to set up and advertise a GATT service.

The example demonstrates the use of the Qt Bluetooth Low Energy classes related to peripheral slave functionality. An application designed to browse the content of Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral devices.

The example demonstrates the use of all Qt Bluetooth Low Energy classes. This application shows you how to customize different visual properties of a ChartView and series. Contiguous Cache example shows how to use QContiguousCache to manage memory usage for very large models. In some environments memory is limited and, even when it isn't, users still dislike an application using excessive memory. Using QContiguousCache to manage a list, rather than loading the entire list into memory, allows the application to limit the amount of memory it uses, regardless of the size of the data set it accesses.

Mandelbrot example demonstrates multi-thread programming using Qt. It shows how to use a worker thread to perform heavy computations without blocking the main thread's event loop. Qt Quick 2 Axis Formatter Example. Qt Quick 2 Surface Multiseries Example. Creating a custom widget plugin for Qt Designer and providing custom task menu entries that are associated with the plugin. Creating forms with Qt Designer that contain custom widgets that can be dynamically generated at run-time. This example shows how to create a minimal QWindow based application for the purpose of using OpenGL.

This example shows how to create a minimal QWindow based application using QPainter for rendering. Map Viewer example shows how to display and interact with a map, search for an address, and find driving directions. Places Map example demonstrates how to search for and display a list of places on a map using a MapItemView.

Plane Spotter example demonstrates the tight integration of location and positioning data types into QML. Video Graphics Item Example. Threaded Fortune Server example shows how to create a server for a simple network service that uses threads to handle requests from different clients. It is intended to be run alongside the Fortune Client example. It shows how to handle polygon geometries efficiently and how to write simple vertex and fragment shader for programmable graphics pipeline.

In addition it shows how to use quaternions for representing 3D object orientation. Textures example demonstrates the use of Qt's image classes as textures in applications that use both OpenGL and Qt to display graphics.

GeoFlickr example shows how to use the user's current position to fetch local content from a web service. SatelliteInfo example shows how the available satellites at the user's current position and marks the satellites currently contributing to the GPS fix as pink. Scene Graph - Metal Texture Import. Scene Graph - Two Texture Providers. TabWidget example shows how to create a tabwidget using property aliases and QML Object default properties. A widget-based application that sends data to and receives it from a dynamically loaded ECMAScript data model.

A widget-based application that uses a dynamically loaded state machine to implement a traffic light. A Qt Quick application that uses a compiled state machine to implement a simplified traffic light. Cached Table example shows how a table view can be used to access a database, caching any changes to the data until the user explicitly submits them using a push button. Master Detail Example shows how to present data from different data sources in the same application.

The album titles, and the corresponding artists and release dates, are kept in a database, while each album's tracks are stored in an XML file. Query Model example shows how to make customized versions of data obtained from a SQL query, using a model that encapsulates the query and table views to display the results. Relational Table Model example shows how to use table views with a relational model to visualize the relations between items in a database.

SQL Browser example shows how a data browser can be used to visualize the results of SQL statements on a live database. SQL Widget Mapper example shows how to use a map information from a database to widgets on a form. Table Model example shows how to use a specialized SQL table model with table views to edit information in a database.

Qt Sensors - Grue sensor example demonstrates all the steps from creating a new sensor to using it. Sensor gesture example demonstrates the steps for creating a QML application that uses sensor gestures and the included shake sensor. Server Side Decoration Compositor is a simple example that demonstrates server side window decorations on xdg-shell.

Spanning Screens is an example that demonstrates how to let Wayland clients span multiple screens. WebEngine Content Manipulation Example. WebEngine Cookie Browser Example. WebEngine Markdown Editor Example. WebEngine Notifications Example. WebEngine Widgets Minimal Example. WebEngine Widgets Spellchecker Example.

Shows how to use the QWebSocketServer class for implementing a simple echo server over secure sockets wss. Address book example shows how to use proxy models to display different views onto data from a single model.

Application example shows how to implement a standard GUI application with menus, toolbars, and a status bar. The example itself is a simple text editor program built around QPlainTextEdit. Basic Drawing example shows how to display basic graphics primitives in a variety of styles using the QPainter class.

Basic Graphics Layouts Example. Example shows how to use signals and slots to implement the functionality of a calculator widget, and how to use QGridLayout to place child widgets in a grid. Character Map example shows how to create a custom widget that can both display its own content and respond to user input. Code Editor example shows how to create a simple editor that has line numbers and that highlights the current line.

Combo Widget Mapper example shows how to use a custom delegate to map information from a model to specific widgets on a form. Completer example shows how to provide string-completion facilities for an input widget based on data provided by a model. Custom Completer example shows how to provide string-completion facilities for an input widget based on data provided by a model. The completer pops up suggestions for possible words based on the first three characters input by the user and the user's choice of word is inserted into the TextEdit using QTextCursor.

Dock Widgets example shows how to add dock windows to an application. It also shows how to use Qt's rich text engine. Drag and Drop Puzzle example demonstrates a way of using the drag and drop system with item view widgets. Draggable Icons example shows how to drag and drop image data between widgets in the same application, and between different applications. This example creates a widget similar to QLabel, that elides the last visible line, if the text is too long to fit the widget's geometry.

Event Transitions example shows how to use event transitions, a feature of The State Machine Framework. Factorial States example shows how to use The State Machine Framework to calculate the factorial of an integer. Fridge Magnets example illustrates how to move around several types of MIME-encoded data with drag and drop. Getting Started Programming with Qt Widgets. Internationalization I18N example demonstrates Qt's support for translated text. Developers can write the initial application text in one language, and translations can be provided later without any modifications to the code.

It also demonstrates how to detect the system language settings and show the UI in the appropriate language. Puzzle example shows how to enable drag and drop with a custom model to allow items to be transferred between a view and another widget. Line Edits example demonstrates the many ways that QLineEdit can be used, and shows the effects of various properties and validators on the input and output supplied by the user.

Main Window example shows Qt's extensive support for tool bars, dock windows, menus, and other standard application features. You can also use this program to verify that Qt is actually receiving mouse events from your mouse. Order Form example shows how to generate rich text documents by combining a simple template with data input by the user in a dialog.

Part 1 - Designing the User Interface. Describes how to code the user interface of the Address Book Example. This first part covers the design of the basic graphical user interface GUI for our address book application. Part 3 - Navigating between Entries. Part 4 - Editing and Removing Addresses. Ping Pong States example shows how to use parallel states together with custom events and transitions in The State Machine Framework. Pixelator example shows how delegates can be used to customize the way that items are rendered in standard item views.

QRegularExpression example shows how regular expressions in Qt are applied to text by providing an environment in which new regular expressions can be created and tested on custom text strings.

Regular Expressions RegExp example shows how regular expressions in Qt are applied to text by providing an environment in which new regular expressions can be created and tested on custom text strings. It uses a number of top-level windows to display the contents of different text files.

Scribble example shows how to reimplement some of QWidget's event handlers to receive the events generated for the application's widgets. Settings Editor example shows how Qt's standard settings support is used in an application by providing an editor that enables the user to view the settings for installed applications, and modify those that can be edited.

ContactScanPage.qml Example File

For example, if your main. Since QML documents are organized in a tree hierarchy, another option for accessing child properties and objects is to search for the object by using QObject::findChild. The following code sample searches for the button and changes its text property:. The parent is set to the ApplicationUI instance using the this keyword so that when the app is destroyed, this object is as well. The button also defines a custom slot and connects it to the property's valueChanged signal.

A Morphology Scan is also known as an week scan. This scan is used to assess the development of your baby.

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FYI bulk billing for dating scan Brisbane.

He finis A full range Throughout the ongoing bushfire crisis, the Qscan Group has been constantly in contact with staff who have been directly impacted, monitoring their safety and safety of their communities. We commend South East Radiology Like many other companies the Qscan Group are deeply concerned and affected by the bushfire crisis that is seemingly unending across the country. We spare a special thought for our

QML and C++ integration

Log in Sign up. Home Community October FYI bulk billing for dating scan Brisbane. Hey ladies, Just incase anyone was after a place that bulk bills all scans under 12 weeks.

The test suggests which pregnancies are at a higher risk of abnormality and may need further investigation.

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A QML app designed for portrait devices that uses custom components, animated with AnimationController, and JavaScript for the application logic. Hierarchy example is shows how to write an in-process ActiveX control. The control is a QWidget subclass with child widgets that are accessible as sub-types.

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Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. All pregnant women in England are offered an ultrasound scan at around 8 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is called the dating scan. It's used to see how far along in your pregnancy you are and check your baby's development. Your midwife or doctor will book you a dating scan appointment. It will usually take place at your local hospital ultrasound department.


An ultrasound uses sound waves to form pictures of part of the body. A transducer the ultrasound probe moves over the skin producing and receiving the soundwaves. A special gel is applied to the skin to help transmit the sound waves. Please bring any previous ultrasound or X-ray images that are relevant to your examination. Your radiologist may use these for comparison. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that any paperwork can be completed. Most ultrasound procedures take between 20 and 30 minutes, though some may take longer. Your sonographer may ask you to change into a gown, depending on the part of your body being examined.

appdemos/qtws/qml/pages/ time of scan and scanned tag var time = // UTC milliseconds timestamp data["scan_timestamp"].

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Dating scan

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