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Want to keep up with everything happening in the QR Code world? Bookmark our free QR Code generator page to stay up to date. Despite having been around for decades, QR codes never became the revolutionary marketing strategy that businesses and marketers had hoped. Adding the QR code feature on the control setting was pure genius. Even the latest Android smartphones have made QR code reader a native feature.

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In recent years, various institutions have adopted the use of two-dimensional bar codes, also known as QR quick response codes, for encoding information such as URLs that can be read by smartphones, digital tablets and other electronic devices. These codes can serve as a vehicle to evoke a consumer response or some type of behaviour.

Their main benefit is that users of smartphones are alleviated from the tedious task of typing and searching to access information. The findings indicate that the purpose of usage is significantly related to QR code usage rate. Practical users utilize QR codes more than experiential users and there is a positive relationship between electronic device ownership and QR code usage.

Interestingly, being an early adopter has a negative relationship with QR code usage. Additionally, perceived usefulness of the QR code and up-to-date electronic device knowledge do not have significant relationships with QR code usage rate. Sidebar Sidebar Diverse locations for QR code usage.

This has further propelled the growth of social media, and marketers are rushing to take advantage of this trend. According to comScore. Moreover, QR codes add richness to the consumer enquiry and for brands to differentiate product value. Despite their prevalence and successful examples of marketing applications, the number of studies on QR codes is limited.

Most of the studies in the literature on QR codes focus on innovative uses of this technology. We focus on consumers who have already adopted QR codes. Increasing QR code usage requires exploring the potential factors that would affect the QR code usage rate. However, to the best of our knowledge, there are only a few studies that are tangentially related to this important research question.

Sidebar Sidebar Trademarked by Denso Wave. QR code abbreviated from Quick Response Code is the trademark for a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached see Figure 1. QR codes have been around since the mids, when they were invented in Japan, and they are a registered trademark of Denso Wave. The company has chosen not to exercise its patent rights, thus encouraging widespread use of the technology. Sidebar Sidebar Flexible and universal.

QR codes have characteristics that allow companies to share information with their customers in a quick and hassle-free way. First, QR codes have the capacity to handle different types of data, for example numeric and alphabetic characters, allowing the encoding of URLs and other sorts of linkages to the original message.

Second, they have superior information storage capacity when compared to one-dimensional barcodes. Third, they have flexible representation — shapes and colours of modules can be changed, even allowing for artistic representation.

Finally, QR codes can be read by any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera, using freely available software Source : Denso Wave Incorporated, On most phones purchased in the United States, one must download a free app application in order to read the QR code, although some phones have one pre-installed. Sidebar Sidebar Adopted by museums, schools, real estate. By scanning the QR code, a consumer can benefit based on the offerings that are embedded in the code.

For example, most US libraries and museums have adopted QR codes for providing subject orientations for visitors, linking exhibits with audio tours and connecting rooms to reservation forms. However, the industries that have most capitalized on this technological development are marketing and advertising. A QR code can be easily manufactured without cost via an application or a website.

As a result, advertising strategies using QR codes have become popular. Due to their flexible presentation, QR codes can be placed on point-of-purchase displays and publications, on product packaging, business cards, in television ads, on ticket stubs or on direct mail, 13 and provide a valuable means for consumer communication for marketers.

Another important characteristic of QR codes is the possibility of tracking user behaviour and providing statistics eg with Google Analytics about each code. Analytics record how many times a code has been scanned, location of individuals scanning, user interests associated with a particular code, etc. Furthermore, these codes can be used by creative agencies to create curiosity among users regarding their brand campaign by simply hiding rewards and discount offerings within a QR code.

The major appeal to consumers can be the elimination of the need to carry around coupons or store cards. Sidebar Sidebar Usability issues. As with many new technologies, however, QR codes have some usability issues. For all their opportunities and strengths, they have a straightforward weakness: requiring a smartphone or a tablet with camera. This simple requirement eliminates 40 per cent of mobile subscribers in the US.

If the user does not have the appropriate software to scan QR codes, having a smartphone alone does not mean access to embedded information. For these reasons, QR codes can be regarded as a transitional technology; future phones will automatically link data with users in a more seamless way. Sidebar Sidebar Limited previous research. The QR code technology is new and it has received very little research. Early research into QR codes has been on the utilization of the technology in various alternative scenarios including, but not limited to, academic libraries and museums, 4 , 5 and these studies generally explored the innovative uses of the technology for enriching and facilitating visitor experience, utilization for visually impaired and blind people, 3 and application in augmented reality applications 6 and classroom environments.

Due to the highly interactive character of QR code use, user intention towards technology acceptance and adoption is of particular importance in understanding QR code success in advertising. Any new technology needs to be perceived as being useful and easy to use in order for it to be accepted.

Researchers in business and communication disciplines have long sought the dynamics of technology acceptance. The Technology Acceptance Model TAM can be used to explain why some technologies are adopted while others are ignored. Regarding the perceived ease of use, research reports are quite limited, but findings indicate that educated college students generally find QR codes easy to use. In a classroom experiment with 20 students and three instructors, Li, Tan and Chou 10 found that the majority of the subjects found using QR codes in a classroom management system very easy.

In a focus study with 28 library patrons, Lo and Coleman 24 found perceived ease of use regarding QR codes to be high, and they suggested that it could be enhanced by providing instructions for those who are unfamiliar with the technology. Sidebar Sidebar Above-average rating.

TAM posits that perceived usefulness is a fundamental concern that determines behavioural intention to adopt technology. Perceived usefulness is defined as the subjective probability that the use of a given information system enhances user performance in a desired context.

Sidebar Sidebar Social dimension of QR code usage. QR codes are interactive technologies and their use can be integrated with online social sharing and entertainment. For example, entertainment videos can be hyperlinked to QR codes for the user to share with their network. Within a video game application, random rewards can be embedded in the game with QR codes to be unlocked by players. Shin, Jung and Chang 11 reported that the interactive features of QR codes that connect users had a strong positive impact on intention to use.

This finding implies that QR codes are not only perceived as a commerce channel, but also as a social venue through which users can interact. QR code activity therefore entails much more than seeking information: it is perceived as a social activity comprising entertainment, education and socialization. Sidebar Sidebar Early adopters. The literature reports consistent growth in the use of QR codes over the past 10 years.

Heltman 16 reported that by the second quarter of the use of QR codes in the United States jumped per cent from the second quarter in Use and adoption on the continent jumped per cent in the last six months of Source : Research and Markets.

The Forrester report indicates that only 5 per cent of American consumers scanned a QR code during a three-month period in mid Nonetheless, these early adopters — mostly younger, more affluent males — number about 14 million and, among them, nearly 20 per cent or 2.

Sidebar Sidebar Practical and experiential uses. Retailers utilize QR codes to offer consumers a more enjoyable shopping experience non-utilitarian as well as shopping information and convenience utilitarian via mobile phones. Practical users utilize QR codes for activities that are directly focused on the product, such as gathering information about the product or price. Experiential users, on the other hand, are involved in activities that are indirectly related to the product, such as socializing and accessing entertainment media.

Sidebar Sidebar Fit with practical uses. The main purpose of QR application in advertising campaigns is to provide a direct link to the promoted website or product information. Consumers are therefore provided with a shortcut to information, have easier access to shopping options, and can even compare and contrast buying alternatives.

This aspect of QR codes aligns well with the usage purpose of practical users who are focused on collecting product information and making a purchase. On the other hand, experiential users can also benefit from the QR codes that enable them to socialize and access entertainment data.

However, the product-focused nature of QR codes makes them a better fit for practical users. We therefore hypothesize that:. Sidebar Sidebar Lighthouse customers or trendsetters. QR codes are a new technology. As with many new technological advancements, they have users that adopt the technology early in its market lifecycle and users that will adopt at a later time.

An early adopter or lighthouse customer is an early customer of a given company, product or technology — in politics, fashion, art and other fields, this person would be referred to as a trendsetter. Sidebar Sidebar The 16 per cent. Rogers illustrated the diffusion of innovation across populations with a normal distribution or bell curve in which innovators and early adopters made up about 16 per cent of the consumers who will adopt an innovation.

This does not mean that 16 per cent of any given population are early adopters. Rather, they are a cultural phenomenon identifiable only by how they perform. They recognize the different or latent values and benefits of a product or as it relates to functionality, usability and sociability. Since they have more background information on technological developments and are more curious about new technologies, they are more likely to research them and are more willing to give innovation a try.

Sidebar Sidebar Innovativeness and novelty-seeking. Venkatesh, Thong and Xu 31 discussed that innovativeness and novelty-seeking would contribute to hedonistic motivations to adopt a new technology. Innovativeness is defined as the degree to which an individual is receptive to new ideas and makes innovation decisions independently.

Therefore, we predict:. Sidebar Sidebar Predictors of intention to use. Prior research has shown that consumer innovators are important groups to target when launching new products and services. Accordingly, we expect a positive relationship between electronic device ownership mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc and QR code usage because, as discussed above, innovative consumers are more inclined to use interactive electronic media for shopping eg electronic devices and to explore various information channels eg QR codes.

Additionally, we expect a positive relationship between up-to-date electronic device knowledge and QR code use.

Factors affecting consumer usage of QR codes

The book guides you through each step in the implementation process, giving you the information you need to successfully use location aware technologies in library environments. It covers how to create a Foursquare campaign and use it to enhance staff training, use Facebook Places to connect with patrons, create an augmented reality program, create a QR code campaign, create a Gowalla marketing initiative, implement a mobile payment service with Google Wallet and Near Field communication. Once you learn these location-based services and applications, you can meet your mobile user's digital-age needs successfully. He works as a consultant helping libraries and other industries prepare to meet upcoming technology shifts in the constantly evolving information landscape. He is an international keynote speaker, an author and editor, and a conference organizer.

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InteliScan helps you to manage an online service to assure your customers for authenticity of the documents or products. It can be galling when you scan a QR code and it drops you in an strange website, not knowing what to do. To overcome this, Inteliscan helps you to add intelligence in the QRcodes and helps the users to use the code more effectively and achieve the intended result. You can generate a QR Code for free; but if you wish to use our analytical and tracking services, please signup!

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You may have noticed how much more common those square barcodes, QR Codes, are nowadays. You seem to see them everywhere. QR Codes short for Quick Response Codes are those funny looking square printed boxes that look like an over-sized barcode. They store and transmit data, and you can use them by scanning them with your phone. They have been around for a surprisingly long time. QR Codes were first invented back in by a Toyota subsidiary named Denso Wave to help in the manufacturing process, tracking vehicles and parts. This was the time when firms were still adapting to using barcodes. They found barcodes simple to use and quick to scan. As a result, much effort went into expanding barcode uses, including increasing barcode digits and modifying layouts. There were problems with larger barcodes, though, and this helped lead to the development of the 2-D QR codes.

The 100% Free QR Code Generator

In recent years, various institutions have adopted the use of two-dimensional bar codes, also known as QR quick response codes, for encoding information such as URLs that can be read by smartphones, digital tablets and other electronic devices. These codes can serve as a vehicle to evoke a consumer response or some type of behaviour. Their main benefit is that users of smartphones are alleviated from the tedious task of typing and searching to access information. The findings indicate that the purpose of usage is significantly related to QR code usage rate.

Forget about your company for a minute just for a minute and think about yourself. Why not use QR code branding to enhance your own image?

One rapidly growing use case for barcodes in retail is in-store payment—specifically, using consumer apps that can generate a QR code, which can then be scanned at checkout to transfer payment information. Why is this particular workflow gaining steam? To start, scanning barcodes is one of the fastest, simplest ways to transfer information between devices. This is leading retailers to find creative ways to simplify transactions and interactions with shoppers, and barcode scanning is an easy way to achieve that.

Ten Retailers Using QR Codes for In-Store Payments

QR Quick Response codes are starting to pick up steam among the growing smartphone-browsing crowd — a statistic that has marketers brimming with creative ideas and promotions. Fortunately, these companies have found innovative and unique ways to not only get you to scan their code, but boost their brand awareness in the process. Here are a few of the most memorable ones — and a few examples to get your mind stirring.

Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies or similar technologies to understand your event preferences and provide you with a customized experience. By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree. For more information please review our cookie policy. Barcodes have been around for decades. We take them for granted on our cereal boxes and soup cans.

10 Genius Examples of QR Codes used in Marketing Campaigns

This website uses necessary cookies to ensure that our website is ideally usable. Caution: Due to the high density of information, the static vCard QR Codes may not always be readable by a QR Code Scanner and the content can not be changed after printing. Our QR Code platform is an all-in-one solution to help you in creating successful mobile marketing campaigns. You can track who scans your QR Codes and analyze your audience to optimize your advertising strategy. Our QR Code Manager is available as a fully private-labeled platform.

Apr 21, - Bookmark our free QR Code generator page to stay up to date. are done customizing it, you can either download it or embed it on your QR Codes making a comeback in ?

Need two addresses and more options? Test our extended generator for vCard QR Codes! Note: You can use the QR code completely free of charge commercial and print usage allowed.

QR Code Generator

After selecting your type you will see all available options. Enter all fields that should appear when scanning your QR code. You want your QR code to look unique? Set a custom color and replace the standard shapes of your QR code.

Enter the telephone number that you would like the SMS message to be sent to which will usually be the owner of the QR code and the message that you would like the person scanning the QR code to send to that telephone number. More info here. Enter the email address that you would like the email to be sent to which will usually be the owner of the QR code and the subject and body of the email that you would like the person scanning the QR code to send to that email address.

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