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How to help male partner with depression

This guest article from YourTango was written by Julia Flood. Maybe he has expressed hopelessness or guilt. You have noticed a loss of interest in his usual activities, concentration trouble, or changes in his sleep pattern. All these could be signs that your man is struggling with some form of depression. But how do you bring up the subject? Many men have difficulty talking about their feelings in the first place.

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How to help someone with depression

Men seem to suffer from depression just as often as women, but they are less likely to ask for help. This information gives some basic facts about depression, how it can affect men, and how to get help. This resource provides information, not advice.

The content in this resource is provided for general information only. It is not intended to, and does not, amount to advice which you should rely on. It is not in any way an alternative to specific advice. You must therefore obtain the relevant professional or specialist advice before taking, or refraining from, any action based on the information in this resource. If you have questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider without delay.

If you think you are experiencing any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention from a doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Although we make reasonable efforts to compile accurate information in our resources and to update the information in our resources, we make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content in this resource is accurate, complete or up to date.

This information reflects the best available evidence at the time of writing. We aim to review our mental health information every three years, and update critical changes more regularly. Everyone has times in their lives when they feel down or depressed. It is usually for a good reason, does not dominate your life and does not last for a long time. However, if the depression goes on for weeks, months, or becomes very bad, you may find yourself stuck and unable to lift yourself out of it.

It can start to affect every area of your life - and this is when you may need to get help. Depression is not a sign of weakness - it has affected many famous and successful men.

However, some symptoms are more common in men than in women. These include:. Men are diagnosed with depression less than women, but do seem to drink and use illegal drugs more heavily than women. It may be that, instead of talking, men use drugs and alcohol as 'self-medication' to cope with their depression. These attitudes can stop you from talking to your loved ones and doctors about how you're feeling - so you don't get the help that you need. Trouble in a marriage or important relationship is the single thing most likely to make you depressed.

A difference in communication 'style' can be a problem, particularly between a man and a woman. If a disagreement or argument makes you feel uncomfortable, you may just try not to talk about it.

But if your partner still wants to discuss it, they can feel ignored. When they try to get you to talk about it, you feel nagged and will tend to withdraw further which can make your partner feel even more ignored. Work can be stressful. If your work makes you depressed, you won't be able to cope as well.

Which makes you feel worse and less able to cope After relationship difficulties, unemployment is the thing most likely to push a man into a serious depression. Research has shown that up to 1 in 7 men who become unemployed will develop a depressive illness in the next 6 months.

Your work may be a large part of what makes you feel good about yourself. If you lose your job, you may lose other things that are important to you, such as a company car. It can be hard to adjust to being at home and looking after the children while your wife or partner becomes the bread-winner.

From a position of being in control, you may face a future over which you have little control, especially if it takes a long time to find another job. And depression itself can make it harder to get another job. You may even find it hard if you retire at the usual time, especially if your partner carries on working. Although life may be less stressful, you may miss the structure of your day, your social life with colleagues and the sense that you make a difference.

The good news is that, as the depression improves, your sexual desire, performance and satisfaction will return. It's worth remembering that it can happen the other way round. Impotence difficulty in getting or keeping an erection can bring about depression.

Again, there are effective ways to help this. Talking helps. If you feel so bad that you have thought about suicide, it can be a relief to talk about it. Even if he is not very good at talking about how he is feeling, it is important to ask if you have any suspicion - and to take him seriously.

For a man who feels suicidal, there is nothing more demoralising than to feel that others do not take him seriously. He will often have taken some time to pluck up the courage to tell anyone about it. Depression can be as much an illness as pneumonia or breaking your leg. Don't feel embarassed or ashamed about it. The most important thing is to ask for the help you need, when you need it.

Try to find a doctor in the practice that you feel comfortable with, and who you can see regularly. You may be concerned about the information in your medical records. Will it damage your chances at work if your doctor has to mention it in a report? In the UK, the Disability Discrimination Act means that it is illegal for an employer to fire you - or not hire you - just because you have a certain diagnosis. They can only refuse you a job if your condition whatever it is will actually interfere with your ability to do the job.

Even if it does interfere to some extent, an employer is expected to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can be supported in your job. Depending on how bad you feel, your circumstances and whether you have physical symptoms, your GP may suggest:.

However, both can help depression. You may find it hard to work out what's right for you when you are feeling down. Talk it through with your friends and family, and your doctor. Your GP can also give you a proper physical check-up.

This is because some physical illnesses can cause depression. If you are already having treatment for a physical illness, your GP will need to know about it. ECT involves passing an electric current through the brain, so is always given in hospital under general anaesthetic. Some people have memory problems after ECT. Editor R Persaud. The scheme is endorsed by health professionals, including the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and is supported by public libraries.

Organisation in Ireland that assists and supports those suffering from depression and their families. A helpline is available as well as support groups, lectures, and current research on depression.

Depression Alliance. Provides support, advice and information for people with bipolar disorder, their friends and carers. Charity that provides an independent and authoritative voice for male health in England and Wales and tackles the issues and inequalities affecting the health and well-being of men and boys. Mental Health Forum. A community where members can get mutual support, and discuss mental health policy and service development issues.

Samaritans is a registered charity based in the UK and Republic of Ireland that provides confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing.

This site uses cookies: Find out more Okay, thanks. Home Mental health Problems and disorders Depression and men. Buy this leaflet Print this page Share this page facebook twitter linkedin. Disclaimer This resource provides information, not advice. Why is it important? Many - perhaps most - men who kill themselves have been depressed — so it can even be fatal. However, depression can be helped - the sooner the better. What's the difference between just feeling miserable and being depressed? What about bipolar disorder manic depression?

Some people have severe depression - but also times when they become elated and over-active. These 'high' periods can be just as harmful as the periods of depression. This used to be called manic depression, but is now bipolar disorder. What are the signs of depression? If you are depressed, you will probably notice some of the following: In your mind, you: feel unhappy, miserable, down, depressed.

Men experiencing anxiety. Some men also feel very anxious when they become depressed. You feel on edge all the time, worried, fearful, and may find it hard to go out or to face people. Is depression really different for men? These include: irritability sudden anger increased loss of control greater risk-taking aggression. Men are also more likely to commit suicide. Different ways of coping Men are diagnosed with depression less than women, but do seem to drink and use illegal drugs more heavily than women.

If you are like this, it may be harder to tell someone that you feel fragile or that you need help. You may feel strongly that you have to do it on your own.

Depression in Men

Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at dear. My boyfriend and I are in our early 20s, and we recently moved in together after being in a long-distance relationship for four years. I can barely get a normal conversation.

Many people find themselves supporting a partner with depression at some point in their lives. The support of family and friends can play an important role in the treatment of mental health conditions. Depression is a condition that affects around 16 million adults in the United States each year.

In general, men tend to put off getting any kind of help because they think they're supposed to be tough, self-reliant, able to manage pain and take charge of situations. This can make it hard for men to acknowledge they have any health problems, let alone a mental health problem. Depression is a serious and common condition which won't get better by itself. If you had a broken arm or a deep cut on your foot, you wouldn't expect that to heal without medical help.

When Depressed Husbands Refuse Help

The best way to support a man is to let him know that you are there for him. Keep in mind, the stigma around mental illness makes it tough for a man to acknowledge that he might be depressed. Men face a lot of pressure within our society to push through tough times, bear extra weight, and be the support everyone else can lean on. Better health starts with a conversation. Though it may be difficult or awkward at first, starting a conversation about depression could actually end up changing his life. Below are some tips to help get a conversation started. It may be more productive to start a conversation about specific changes in his mood or behaviour that you noticed, rather than suggesting that he might be depressed. Show him the site directly or send him a link via text or email. Seeing a health professional is a critical step for any man dealing with depressive symptoms.

4 Ways To Help a Man Fight Depression

Find out more about cookies and your privacy in our policy. Read about how Sara dealt with the overwhelming experience of helping her depressed boyfriend, and the lessons she learnt in the process. Seeing a loved one go through a hard time always impacts you in some way or another. You watch them hang their head and cry a little, and you pat them awkwardly on the back and tell them it will be okay, because you feel sad for them and want them to be okay.

Caregiving is tough.

Back to Mental health and wellbeing. Feeling down or depressed from time to time is normal. But if these feelings last 2 weeks or more, or start to affect everyday life, this can be a sign of depression. Depression can develop slowly.

Depression and men

Men seem to suffer from depression just as often as women, but they are less likely to ask for help. This information gives some basic facts about depression, how it can affect men, and how to get help. This resource provides information, not advice.

Understanding how depression affects your partner can be key to building a healthy, supportive relationship that cares for the mental wellbeing of both partners. Depression can cause people to withdraw, behave differently or become more irritable. Common symptoms include insomnia, feelings of worthlessness and loss of interest in activities. It can even lead to physical aches and pains. Living with depression for a longer period of time can take a toll on your partner's levels of energy, motivation and passion.

7 ways to help if your boyfriend is suffering from mental health problems

During Men's Health Week, here's how you can help if a man in your life is suffering with depression and anxiety. But what should you do if your boyfriend or husband is suffering from mental health problems? A key warning sign that your boyfriend is dealing with depression or anxiety is him shutting down communication. Not every conversation has to be about how he is feeling, as that can feel claustrophobic. When your boyfriend recognises that you can communicate without any pressure, he may confide in you more often.

If a guy is battling depression. He needs a strong support team to back him up. Friends talking at cafe. Be there for.

As men, we like to think of ourselves as strong and in control of our emotions. When we feel hopeless or overwhelmed by despair we often deny it or try to cover it up. But depression is a common problem that affects many of us at some point in our lives, not a sign of emotional weakness or a failing of masculinity. It affects millions of men of all ages and backgrounds, as well as those who care about them—spouses, partners, friends, and family.

4 Strategies to Help Men Get Through Depression

Standing on the sidelines when a partner battles depression can feel like a helpless experience. You might feel confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You are not alone. Depression is an isolating illness that can negatively impact relationships and leave loved ones feeling helpless and afraid.

How to support a partner with depression

To the outside world, Emme lived a charmed life. She was a successful model, creative director of her own clothing line, a television host, lecturer, and mother of a beautiful baby girl. Phillip Aronson, the wonderful man she married, found himself in a downward spiral of depression, even attempting suicide at one point to escape his pain. Phil was always an energetic partner, excited to go to work each morning either to the showroom to check on the latest graphic designs for the Emme line or to attend meetings about some new project.

Male depression is a serious medical condition, but many men try to ignore it or refuse treatment.

Men and women both experience depression but their symptoms can be very different. Because men who are depressed may appear to be angry or aggressive instead of sad, their families, friends, and even their doctors may not always recognize the anger or aggression as depression symptoms. In addition, men are less likely than women to recognize, talk about, and seek treatment for depression. Yet depression affects a large number of men. Everyone feels sad or irritable and has trouble sleeping once in a while.

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