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How to meet jake gyllenhaal

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I owe Jake Gyllenhaal an apology. A few summers ago I was visiting a friend in New York, and we went out to dinner at a small, casual place in Greenwich Village. As the salad arrived, I glanced toward a corner table where a man and an older woman were deep in conversation. Not through the remains of the salad, not through the pizza or the dessert or our request for a second glass of wine. Then the bill came and I drained my wine glass. To his credit, Jake was nice.

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Cover Story: Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Changed Man

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Back in May, I wrote a long and waffling account of my tragic attempt to befriend Jake Gyllenhaal at the Cannes film festival. I'm not sure it was exactly what my editors had in mind when they sent me to cover the world's most prestigious cinematic event, but — presumably motivated by large amounts of pity — they somehow allowed me to publish it and keep my job.

Now I may be a woefully tragic excuse for a human adult, but I'm nothing if not persistent. No, I hadn't made friends with Jake Gyllenhaal. I hadn't even spoken to him. But somehow I knew it wasn't the end. And when I heard a rumour the man himself might be appearing at the London Film Festival in October to promote his new movie Stronger , I sensed another opportunity to embarrass myself could be just around the corner. Enter Jeff Bauman: the man behind the book Stronger , upon which the movie is based.

Look, here's a photo of them casually hanging out together which definitely doesn't fill me with a deep-rooted sense of jealousy or anything:. Anyway, I recently got the opportunity to chat with Jeff over the phone, and I knew it was something that couldn't be passed up. Here's a transcript of how our conversation went Jeff, if you're reading this, I can only apologise again for how ridiculous all my questions were. Me: What advice would you give someone hoping to become friends with Jake Gyllenhaal?

Jeff Bauman: What kind of advice So to become friends with Jake you'd probably have to impress him a little bit, I guess. And you have to be really funny. Jake Gyllenhaal owns a German Shepherd, which is exactly the sort of information only a potential best friend would know. JB: Asking him to read lines from his previous movies; interviews; and pictures. Me: So if I meet him it would be a bad idea to ask him for a selfie, for instance? JB: He works out.

That's, like, his main thing that he likes to do. Work out with his trainer. Me: What app would you be most likely to find hIm using on his phone to kill time?

Me: Lastly, based on this interview so far, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate my chances of becoming friends with him if I do manage to bump into him at the London Film Festival? Me: I'll take that. Do you think you guys will stay in touch after all the publicity for the film's died down? So there you have it. And in case you think I'm the kind of guy who's so dangerously obsessed he'd make up an entire conversation, he's actual proof it took place apologies in advance for my unhinged, cackling laugh :.

Coming out of the talk with Jeff, I was feeling surprisingly optimistic. So there's that. The only bit that's mildly concerning is Jeff's answer to my first question. That whole thing about "impressing him". In person I'm fairly underwhelming, if anything, so I know I'll have to make a special effort if I do bump into him and swallow the no-doubt crippling nerves that will be eating me up from the inside.

Got to look on the bright side, though. I'm now closer to being best friends with Jake than ever before. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Culture Like Follow.

Jake Gyllenhaal Explains His Weirdness

J ake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to playing strangers. However, for six nights a week during a brief stint on Broadway this summer, Gyllenhaal is transforming into what may be one of his most alien characters yet: a regular bloke, with the same daunting problems nearly everyone faces, the departure of a parent and the arrival of a child. The actor, 38, has no wife, no child and two living parents, TV director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner. I do know the feeling of loss. I think those feelings are actually much closer than we assume.

I was so unresolved in so many different ways, searching for things outside of myself, and when we last met I think that was what was happening. At least part of this relates to an evolution in how Gyllenhaal approaches his acting. He had become known, particularly over the last decade, for roles involving intense preparation often coupled with some kind of notable physical transformation but he now talks of this almost as if it may have been some kind of phase he passed through.

Back in May, I wrote a long and waffling account of my tragic attempt to befriend Jake Gyllenhaal at the Cannes film festival. I'm not sure it was exactly what my editors had in mind when they sent me to cover the world's most prestigious cinematic event, but — presumably motivated by large amounts of pity — they somehow allowed me to publish it and keep my job. Now I may be a woefully tragic excuse for a human adult, but I'm nothing if not persistent. No, I hadn't made friends with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Want to Date Jake Gyllenhaal? Gotta Go Through Mom.

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California. Raised in Los Angeles, Gyllenhaal acted in school plays and made his winsome screen debut when he was in the fifth grade, playing Billy Crystal's son in the blockbuster summer comedy City Slickers Keeping it in the family while acting with some of the industry's most notable talents, Gyllenhaal subsequently appeared in his parents' adaptation of the novel A Dangerous Woman with Debra Winger, and played Robin Williams' son in a episode of TV's Homicide that was directed by his father. Poised to make the transition from child to adult actor, Gyllenhaal earned rave reviews, heralding him as a star in the making, for his emotionally sincere performance as real-life rocket builder Homer Hickam in the warmly received drama October Sky Though he opted to stay in school and attend college at Columbia University, Gyllenhaal continued his creative pursuits, playing in a rock band and starring as the oddball title character alongside Drew Barrymore in the Barrymore-produced Sundance Film Festival entrant Donnie Darko Gyllenhaal could be seen later that same year as the titular character in the ill-fated Bubble Boy. With his star on the rise and his status as a heartthrob all but cemented, it became impossible for Gyllenhaal to avoid the draw of a big summer blockbuster. In , he starred alongside Dennis Quaid in the mega-budgeted The Day After Tomorrow, and the success of that film put him in another league altogether. What followed was an interesting, challenging mix of roles for the young actor. He could be seen in the fall of starring in no less than three high-profile prestige films, all of them adaptations: the delayed big-screen version of the Pulitzer-prize winning play Proof, with Gwyneth Paltrow; the Gulf War memoir Jarhead, directed by American Beauty wunderkind Sam Mendes; and Ang Lee's cowboy romance Brokeback Mountain.

A close friend of Jake Gyllenhaal gave me crucial advice on how to become BFFs with him

The Oscar-nominated actor sings to critical acclaim in Sunday in the Park with George, a week engagement that begins the second week of February. Also starring Tony award winner Annaleigh Ashford, the production is the inaugural program for the newly restored Broadway landmark, the Hudson Theater. Jake Gyllenhaal, an Academy Award-nominated actor, has established himself as one of the finest actors of his generation. The following Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee, as amended by any posted notices or announcements during the auction and in addition to the Term of Use for Charitybuzz. The Conditions of Sale, Terms of Guarantee, the glossary, if any, and all other contents of this lot are subject to amendment by us by the posting of such amendments on the Charitybuzz website www.

By Kevin Kayhart For Dailymail. On the very same day, the British-born star's first-ever meeting with Spies In Disguise co-star Will Smith , that was captured in a new video at an escape room, dropped on YouTube.

Specifically, the chair he dragged across the fancy hotel suite so that he could sit in a normal, upright position, rather than recline on the designated chaise longue that had been set up for him next to me. The chair is a good call — having Gyllenhaal lie back while I ask about his life story might have made this encounter seem a little bit too much like a therapy session. Life follows many tropes of the genre, but with enough neat twists and lessons on human nature to keep it interesting. And so he did just that.

Tom Holland on the 1 Reason Jake Gyllenhaal Is Different From Every Other Actor He Has Worked With

Jake Gyllenhaal has had his fair share of very public romances Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift, to name a few , so it makes sense he'd want to keep his current love life as far out of the spotlight as possible. In fact, he's been so low key on the romance front that you'd be forgiven for assuming he was single. But according to new reports, the year-old actor is "getting serious" with Jeanne Cadieu, a year-old French model he has been dating since late Cadieu, who is based in New York and is a model with IMG, was first linked to Gyllenhaal in December and has reportedly attended several high-profile events with the actor like Cartier's Clash de Cartier event in April , although they walked the red carpet separately.

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This artistic choice has created a problem—or maybe not a problem, but rather a preshow show? A little dramatic amuse-bouche, if you will. Here it is: An anonymous theatergoer told Page Six that Gyllenhaal himself has become a living attraction. If there is no Jake Gyllenhaal beginning a little before p. Because Jake is in character, are those around him set pieces in his one-man show?

Can Jake Gyllenhaal’s Broadway Show Handle This Much Teen Attention?

Stories about Jake Gyllenhaal tend to highlight the moment he decided to boldly walk away from would-be Hollywood tentpoles like Prince of Persia and The Day After Tomorrow to, you know, be an artist. But if you really want to talk about risky, how about taking on the Broadway revival of the musical Sunday in the Park With George , as he did earlier this year, with barely a set piece to hide behind? Gyllenhaal is at his stirring, emotional best this fall in Stronger , based on the true story of Jeff Bauman, a hero of the Boston Marathon bombing who just wanted to watch his girlfriend cross the finish line when he was caught in the blast. I think there is, essentially, something fraudulent in what I do for a living. We are all performing certain things.

Feb 8, - Jake Gyllenhaal opens up about his dreams of fatherhood and finding The One. THE ACTOR SPILLS ON HIS FATHERHOOD DREAMS AND.

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What to do — and not do — when you spot Jake Gyllenhaal in an ordinary place

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Jake Gyllenhaal

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Tom Holland wishes Jake Gyllenhaal happy birthday and meets Will Smith for the first time in video

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