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Taurus woman as a partner

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Have you been in any china shops lately? Witnessed the smashing of plates, the tossing of horns? This sign can attack, but only if provoked by one too many a red flag. She has a hot and fiery temper, and will unleash it when pushed to the limits; however Taurus women are generally sweet-natured, with a liking for pretty little objects of affection.

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Best Match for a Taurus Woman

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Email address:. She expects the same from her ideal lover, from the love of her life, to pursue her with conviction and determination. Her culinary skills are top-notch, and these alone will drive all men crazy with lust. You can say anything about the Taurus woman , except for the fact that she is not sensual and attractive, because that would be a blatant lie. Her practical side marks the beginning of a long-standing and stable bonding between two loving partners.

She will never lose her mind or focus when courted, and she will always keep her head straight in all situations.

When in a relationship, the Taurus woman takes everything into consideration before committing to a course of action. The overall picture may be important, but the details are the building blocks of it all.

Her passion and imaginative nature combined with a charming and elegant personality will seduce pretty much any man who lays eyes on her.

Stubbornness is embedded in her very nature, a just characteristic for a Taurus native. Her sensuality and simplistic beauty will sweep you off your feet right away, even more so that her incredibly funny sense of humor.

A Taurus woman who falls in love can easily be spotted by the shine in her eyes, the skipping steps, and the large smile on her lips. You can effectively feel her determination and devotion to the ideal of love, to a long-standing relationship where she is ready to lay down her entire being. This feminine native is exactly that, full of sensuality, charm, sexuality, and a great drive to fulfill her senses.

There is nothing more important to her than feeling loved, caressed, hugged and kissed, feeling her body going through unfathomable pleasures. The climax is the least important here. The process matters much more. In fact, sex is one of the most important principles of her relationships, an integral part of her life, and one of the reasons why she decides to break-up with her lovers. An unsatisfactory sexual life equals coldness, indisposition and eventually indifference.

There is no mistake about it. The Taurus woman is the most sensual and motherly native in the whole zodiac. She will literally take care of you just like a mother would. You just need to tell her what you want, and she will take care of everything. Her affection and compassion will bloom even more if you have the patience for that. Just be yourself and be manly. She loves a dominative and assertive man next to her, taking the decisions and leading her in this harsh world.

Always keep your word and stand by your principles no matter what you do, and this is how you will convince her that you are the one. Being a Taurus native, she can be very patient and calm with everyone around her, especially her lover. Just be straightforward and tell her exactly what you plan on doing. Taurus Compatibility In Love. Taurus Relationship Traits and Love Tips. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives.

She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Menu i. Search Search for: Search. She lets her stubbornness stand in the way.

She is romantic and attentive. She knows how to bring stability to a troubled relationship. She can be lazy and gluttonous. Search for: Search.

7 Things That Make Taurus People The Best Romantic Partners

The typical Taurus woman possesses a classical Venus-like type of beauty , with a curvaceous figure and beautiful hair. She is proud of her appearance and at ease with herself, although she does tend to flit from one diet to another as she puts on weight very easily. Seeing the Long Term Picture. She is a hard working woman, and deeply practical, but prefers to stay in the background.

To discuss Taurus compatibility we need to look at Taurus in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and its own quirks and unique features.

They are incredibly selective when it comes to who they choose to open their hearts up to, but when they do, they invest themselves fully. This zodiac sign is known to look for relationships that have depth and have the potential to last for prolonged periods of time. If there is no future in your relationship, then it is highly likely that the Taurus will grow disinterested. They are obsessed with the concept of happily ever after because they are true romantics at heart.

Taurus compatibility

A Taurus woman is the embodiment of the Earth goddess. Ruled by Venus , the goddess of love and money, she's sensual, embraces the more beautiful things in life, and has a deep reverence for nature. A Taurus woman wants to set deep roots and craves everything that accompanies an abundant, secure, and happy home life. So who's the ideal man to capture her Taurean heart? If your heart already tells you you're that man, then you could use a helping hand because, chances are, your Taurus woman may have other admirers too! Get yourself a copy of LoveToKnow's eBook, Grabbing the Bull , which contains tons of actionable advice for how to make Taurus fall in love with you. Cancer and Taurus make a great pair. When they get together, you can be sure marriage is on the agenda. As a matter of fact, a Cancer man is possibly a Taurus woman's best match for marriage. This is a couple whose love is based on their shared desire and need for home and family.

Taurus in Love – Sign Compatibility

You must go through the unique characteristics of a Taurus woman, as it will help you understanding your Taurus partner better. A Taurus woman is a lady full of self-respect and innocence. She is proud for herself. She is loyal, reliable and remains with her promises throughout the life. She is certainly a good partner if enters in marital relationship as her loyalty will please you always.

When it comes to a relationship, a Taurus woman needs a partner who can provide her the security and stability she needs to live a comfortable, and a somewhat high-end life. AstrologyBay features the love needs of this practical and loving female, and gives you a clear insight in terms of finding the best match for a Taurus woman.

People born with their sun in Taurus are persistent, passionate, tender, and supportive. However, Taurean energy can also be aggressive and stubborn. Thus, contradictory and complex qualities. How should be the compatible person with this sign?

The Taurus Woman

When a Taurus woman falls in love, she knows exactly how to behave. You can almost envy her spontaneous glow, the look she has in her eyes and all of the things she is prepared to give up in order to satisfy the person she fell in love with. In the beginning of a relationship she will carefully examine her partner to see if they are worthy of her feelings. Gradually she will build the trust, up to the point in which she is ready to share her thoughts, her emotions and her past, if necessary.


She is a down to earth kind of a person who loves luxurious, harmonious and beauty around her. She has a strong attraction towards all the mundane and materialistic things that are needed to lead a niche and luxurious lifestyle. When a Taurus woman is in a relationship, she is one of the most gentle and tender partners one can wish for and really wants to settle down in life. Like any other female, a Taurus woman wants her partner to value her even if he fails to take her out for a fancy dinner or date. Here, we will discuss and find out some of the most compatible love match star signs for the Taurus woman for marriage on the basis of her personality traits.

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Taurus

Traditional astrologers believe that Tauruses are most compatible with Taurus , Cancer , Virgo , Capricorn , and Pisces , and least compatible with Aries , Leo , Scorpio , Sagittarius , and Aquarius , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below. Sachs found that Taurus men most often marry Taurus and Libra women, and that they are least likely to marry Geminis and Leos. Taurus men may be attracted to Libra women because both signs have a strong aesthetic appreciation and a desire for domestic tranquility and sensuality, and they like to surround themselves with beautiful things.

May 10, - No halfsides here; no cheap shots of acting aloof or creating distance to make their partners “more interested” in them. Taurus women believe.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and well known for being represented by a bull. Here you can find out more about Taureans in detail, what they like, their weaknesses, strengths, habits, desires and dreams and most importantly, what they are like in love and how to attract a Taurus to you to be your partner! The people born with the Taurus zodiac sign tend to be stubborn, plodding, strong, affectionate, patient and resistant to change. I am abundant.

The Taurus Woman - A Dating Guide

Email address:. She expects the same from her ideal lover, from the love of her life, to pursue her with conviction and determination. Her culinary skills are top-notch, and these alone will drive all men crazy with lust. You can say anything about the Taurus woman , except for the fact that she is not sensual and attractive, because that would be a blatant lie.

Taurus Woman in Marriage

Vera Rose Leave a comment. How good or bad is Taurus woman compatibility in matters of love with men of the 12 zodiac signs? Are they sexually compatible or will it be just a fling?

Once she's committed to a relationship, she will give it her all. A Taurus is everything you could ever want and more in a significant other.

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Best Compatibility Match For A Taurus Woman

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How to Attract Any Zodiac Sign

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