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I tried the quest again with an old savegame, did other quests, meditaded a few times and even checked the gamefiles. One of the most anticipated features of the Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone expansion is the potential for a unique romance with a fiery redhead named Shani. In the central chamber, once your are ambushed by those Wraiths, throw some Yrden to get rid of them quickly. I did the pig herding mini-game, I dove into the water for the shoe, I danced, I spoke with the master of mirrors, I've gone up the ladder for that chat, I played gwent, I've done everything I can think of.


The only person licensed to forge Witcher 3 swords may be extra busy this year

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Step one is to ride far southwest to meet Niellen in Blackbough. He'll tell you of his missing wife. Step two is to talk to some townsfolk - you'll start to get the bigger picture as you do.

Once you're done, ride north for the marker in the woods. Use Witcher Sense to track down the wolf pack. Slay them, and Hannah's sister will appear in the woods with you. You can accept Hannah's disappearance now or continue to search. If you continue the search, keep your Vision up and follow the red tracks in the area to a small shack with a mysterious cave underneath.

Use Aard to get through the door, and wait in the tunnel for nightfall. The Werewolf and his pack will show up. Defeat the boss and his lackeys to start one last cut scene. You can then choose to let Hannah's sister die or finish off the beast, but either choice will finally complete this quest.

Just west of Mulbrydale is a Priest of Eternal Fire, who asks you to burn some corpses lest they be used for dark magic. There are three piles of bodies in the surrounding area, marked on the map - you can even save a fisstech dealer from some ghouls along the way.

Douse them in oil, then use Igni to set them ablaze. Once they've all been taken care of, return to the Priest. You can accept regular payment or take a bribe for your work, but the quest will wrap up either way. Suggested Level: 7. To start this quest, head to the Pontar - it's the large river crossing northwest of the Hanged Man's Tree any gate guarded by Redanian soldiers will also trigger this.

You'll need a pass for the officials to let you through. To get the pass, you'll have to complete "Fake Papers," found nearby. Once completed, return to the gate with your counterfeit pass to proceed forward and finish the quest. To get a fake pass from him, you can pay crowns, use Axii with Delusion Level 1, or help the Merchant's brother-in-law Albin. We'll go with the last option. Head just west to find Albin fighting off a pair of Ghouls.

Take them out and talk to him to start another quest, "Bitter Harvest. Just west of Mulbrydale is a Priest of Eternal Fire, who asks you to burn some corpses lest they are used for dark magic. After agreeing to help Albin, several rounds of Ghouls will attack the immediate area. Fend them off to finish this quick quest. There's an Undiscovered Location in the marsh west of the Pontar. Head there to find a corpse holding a mysterious key and a letter. Read the letter to create a search area nearby.

Head there and use your Witcher Sense - mind the Nekkers! Use the key you found to loot the treasure inside. Examine the bodies there to collect a small key and a letter. Then, simply read the letter you found. That's it. The loot here is a letter - read it to learn of another treasure. Head to your new marker to the south. This will lead you to another loot chest atop a hill. Raid it to finish the quest. Look for a cellar door you can bust through with Aard.

Check the body in the small cave beyond for a key and a crumpled note. Read the note, then check the newly highlighted area with Witcher Sense to find more loot inside a haystack. Fireburst Harbor is an area directly south of the Devil's Pit marker. Head there to find a body in the water, marked as Hidden Treasure on your map. Loot the corpse and read the letter you find to learn of some cargo that fell into the water.

Dive in and use your Witcher Sense in the search area to find more loot and complete the quest. There's a group of peasants hanging out by the Hangman's Alley marker, threatening a merchant.

Speak to them, and you can choose to walk away or kill the peasants. Either one will wrap up the quest quickly. Loot the letter from the corpse and read it to learn of treasure in the water in front of you.

Dive in and search the wrecked ship in the depths to find some loot. Head west from the Hangman's Alley marker, all the way to the westernmost Undiscovered Location on the mainland.

This is a Protected Treasure with a few dead bodies and some Drowners. Kill them and loot the body near the boot for a letter - it'll tell of sunken treasure in the water to the west.

Swim out to the marked area and use your Witcher Senses to find some sweet loot. The beach just north of the Coast of Wrecks marker hosts an army of pirates, but there's also a Hidden Treasure there marked as an Undiscovered Location. Take down the pirates and grab the letter they were protecting. Read it to learn of a great treasure west of you, in the water.

Swim to the marked area to find it inside a sunken chest. There's Hidden Treasure a bit southeast from the Condyle marker. Head there and battle the band of deserters, then search their bodies to find a marauder's note and a key. Read the note to get a new marker up a nearby hill - you'll find two more deserters and a chest full of loot there. There are some elven ruins far southeast of the Condyle mark; look for a trio of Undiscovered Locations on your map.

One of these is a corpse holding a key and a letter; read the letter to learn of treasure nearby. Step onto the ruins - there's a pretty tough Nightwraith up here - to find a chest with some sweet loot.

Upon finishing "Wandering in the Dark," Keira will mention a magic lamp she was promised. Agree to help find it to begin this quest. Follow her down the steps to find a locked door with an inscription. The next step is to get the door open by solving the riddle written on it.

There are four statues in the room you can light with Igni - lighting in the wrong order will spawn a wraith. Facing the locked door, you should light the statute immediately to the right, immediately to the left, far right, then far left. This will open the door, letting Keira grab the lamp in the chamber beyond.

Exit the cave to finish the quest. Upon exiting the cave used for the quests mentioned above, Keira will ask you to visit. Do so at her home and ask about her request: there's a cursed island that needs to be saved. This will wrap up this quest and start a new one.

Time to lift that curse. You'll first need to head far southeast of Keira's home to the Fyke Isle. Once there, follow your maker through the hordes of enemies to reach the tower in the middle of the abandoned town. Inside, use the Magic Lamp on the skeleton to hear a ghost speak. Follow the stairs to the next floor and do the same for the skeleton there.

When you reach what seems to be the top floor, look for two levers along the wall. Pull them both down to open a passage to the true top floor.

Up here is a laboratory where you'll learn the truth of what happened here. You'll also receive Annabelle's Remains. To finally lift the curse, head to your new marker on the mainland to the north. Give the remains to Annabelle's lover Graham reenter the house to see what happens if you'd like , then return to Keira to wrap up this long quest. After lifting the curse, you'll be asked to do another favor for Keira: she's expecting a delivery and wants you to check on it.

Head to the marker to the north and use your Witcher Senses to follow some wagon tracks into the woods to the west. When you find the wagon, retrieve the package from underneath and return it to Keira. Take her up on her other offers, and you'll wrap up this quest in style: racing to the meadow for a nice dinner.

After some conversation, use your Witcher Senses again to follow a trail down to the water to find Keira - and a little something else…. After your 'special time' with Keira, you'll wake up near Fyke Isle. Head to the tower marked on your map to confront Keira there.

Yes, this whole series of quests can end with you fighting the woman you just slept with. Convince her otherwise, or defeat her to wrap this one up. Swim there and loot the corpse for some blood-soaked notes, then read them to learn of a sunken treasure nearby.

Notice board (Oreton)

The best ways to waste time in The Witcher 3. Written by Jon Partridge Published on When witchering and wooing NPCs finally gets dull, take up these virtual hobbies instead. The sprawling fantasy RPG plants you in the well-worn boots of Geralt of Rivia and offers up a meaty storyline quest worthy of the books the series is based on to hack, slash and swoon your way through, but the world of the Northern Kingdoms has so much more to it than that. Go on a pub crawl.

The Witcher 3 contains a lot of quests. At the conclusion of Imperial Audience you are given three quests to pursue, all of which must be completed to progress to Act Two. You can elect to tackle them in any order, but both Novigrad and Skellige are inaccessible without some legwork.

This quest will appear in your journal when travelling on one of the roads in Velen you come across Gert Borel , a man who has been pinned down by his wagon and who needs help. On one of Velen's muddy roads Geralt came across an unfortunate soul trapped under his cart. The man had had an accident while hauling corpses of plague victims. The witcher decided to help him.

Witcher 3 side quests: Every side mission and how to complete it

Step one is to ride far southwest to meet Niellen in Blackbough. He'll tell you of his missing wife. Step two is to talk to some townsfolk - you'll start to get the bigger picture as you do. Once you're done, ride north for the marker in the woods. Use Witcher Sense to track down the wolf pack. Slay them, and Hannah's sister will appear in the woods with you. You can accept Hannah's disappearance now or continue to search.

The Witcher 3 walkthrough: Guide to completing every main story mission and side quest

Anna has requested that you dress for the party, so go into your quests log and select the optional quest objective. Follow the marker to a tailor near Coopers' Gate who sell you the Elegant Beauclair Doublet for coin. From there, head towards the next marker on your map to get to Anna in the alley. Once inside, you'll have the opportunity to complete a few optional objections by participating in the festival activities.

The Witcher wiki now has a light themed alternative for the wiki skin.

Swordsmith Artur Wysocki has too many emails: Over in the past few days, he says. After The Witcher on Netflix spurred a renewed interest in the Witcher books and games, the only smith licensed by CD Projekt to forge and sell swords based on the designs of the games will likely have a few more requests than usual. Rune inscriptions and handmade scabbards cost extra.

The Witcher 3 - The Nilfgaardian Connection, Hendrik, Heatherton, key, secret compartment

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If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help. With your belongings back in your inventory, head across the courtyard and enter the palace hallway, following the direction of the objective marker. Before continuing, open your inventory and re-equip the Kaer Morhen armour, hunting boots, hunting trousers, hunting gauntlets, crossbow and your swords. Now that you're properly prepared for the adventures ahead, examine the large double doors to bring up the fast travel map. Switch to the world map view, then zoom in on Velen - No Man's Land.

The best ways to waste time in The Witcher 3

Это не имеет никакого отношения к Попрыгунчику, - резко парировала. Вот это чистая правда, - подумал Джабба.

- Послушай, Мидж, к Стратмору я не отношусь ни плохо ни хорошо. Ну, понимаешь, он криптограф. Они все, как один, - эгоцентристы и маньяки. Если им что нужно, то обязательно еще вчера. Каждый затраханный файл может спасти мир.

Oct 14, - We present them in order of difficulty. The Witcher 3: Act One – Velen (No Man's Land) · The Nilfgaardian Connection. Upon completion of The.

И одновременно пустит АНБ ко дну. Сьюзан внезапно подумала, что Хейл, возможно, говорит правду, но потом прогнала эту мысль. Нет, решила. Конечно. Хейл продолжал взывать к ней: - Я отключил Следопыта, подумав, что ты за мной шпионишь.

Notice board (Blandare)

Джабба снова вздохнул. - Это была шутка, Мидж.  - Но он знал, что сказанного не вернешь.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Cufflinks Video Game Jewellery for Men Wild Hunt Wolf Head Cuff Links

Офицер хотел доставить его в госпиталь, но канадец был вне себя от ярости, сказав, что скорее пойдет в Канаду пешком, чем еще раз сядет на мотоцикл. Все, что полицейский мог сделать, - это проводить его до маленькой муниципальной клиники неподалеку от парка. Там он его и оставил.

Окажись дома. Через пять гудков он услышал ее голос.

Партнер Танкадо обнаружен. Сьюзан замолчала. Танкадо мертв. Как это удобно.

Я занесу им, а вы, когда увидите мистера Густафсона, скажете ему, где его паспорт. - Подождите! - закричал Ролдан.  - Не надо впутывать сюда полицию.

Вы говорите, что находитесь в центре, верно. Вы знаете отель Альфонсо Тринадцатый.

Итак, ТРАНСТЕКСТ вскрывает один шифр в среднем за шесть минут. Последний файл обычно попадает в машину около полуночи.

И не похоже, что… - Что? - Бринкерхофф даже подпрыгнул.

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