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Craftsman is a line of tools , lawn and garden equipment, and work wear. As with all Sears products, Craftsman tools were not manufactured by Sears during that company's ownership, but made under contract by various other companies. They were first sold in through the Sears catalog and in Sears retail stores. After the Sears-Kmart merger, the tools were also for sale in Kmart stores and through several other retailers. The Craftsman trademark was registered by Sears on May 20, Barrows' successor, Tom Dunlap, upgraded the quality of the tools and added chrome plating to them as America moved into the automobile age.


The Snap-On Wrench Company

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Insulating driver with injection molded shank and fluted working tip. Patent number: Abstract: An insulating hand tool has an elongated shank injection molded of a high-strength, electrically insulating material, such as glass-reinforced nylon, and a handle formed of an electrically insulating material.

The handle and the shank may be molded together in a unitary, one-piece construction, or the handle end of the shank may be press-fitted in an axial bore in one end of the handle or the shank may be insert molded into the handle. The working end of the shank is adapted to carry a working tip or a socket, either of which may be insert molded in the working end of the shank or may be press-fitted in an axial bore therein.

The socket may form a nut driver or define a receptacle to removably receive a working tip. The working tip may be a commercially-available, double-ended bit, with a Phillips tip at one end embedded in the shank. Type: Grant. Filed: June 14, Date of Patent: December 2, Assignee: Snap-on Tools Company. Inventors: Marco E. DeVecchis, Daniel M. Bending beam torque wrench. Abstract: A torque indicating wrench has a resilient beam with a handle end and a work-engaging end carrying a ratchet mechanism.

The resilient beam is generally channel-shaped in transverse cross section and is tapered in thickness from the work-engaging end to the handle end. A reference beam is disposed in the channel and has first and second ends respectively pivotally coupled to the work-engaging and handle ends of the resilient beam. The reference beam has openings adjacent to its first and second ends to facilitate pivotal coupling to the resilient beam while substantially eliminating non-pivotal relative movement in use.

A handle housing encloses the beams along substantially their entire lengths and is fixed to the resilient beam only adjacent to its handle end.

Filed: April 28, Date of Patent: October 15, Inventor: Gordon A. Scope analyzer for direct ignition engines. Abstract: An engine analyzer stores acquired cylinder waveform data in circular buffers respectively associated with the cylinders in accordance with cylinder selection by the user, with each buffer including a plurality of storage cells respectively storing data for individual firing cycles of the associated cylinder, and simultaneously displays the waveform for a, single selected cylinder on one trace of a display screen and waveforms for all cylinders for which data is stored on a second trace, so that data can be acquired and displayed from direct ignition engines with the use of a single pickup lead connected to selected cylinders one cylinder at a time.

Various display modes are possible, including a frozen mode in which all stored waveform data may be reviewed and displayed. Filed: March 6, Date of Patent: June 25, Inventors: Carel C.

Anthoni, Tyrone J. Moritz, Yosuf M. Taraki, Dale A. Trsar, Richard H. Ratchet wrench with multi-position ratchet head. Abstract: A ratchet wrench is provided which includes a ratchet head having a part-cylindrical surface with head teeth thereon and an elongated handle hingedly coupled to the head.

The handle has first and second handle ends, an axis extending between the ends and an axial first bore opening at the first handle end. The wrench also includes a rod disposed in and moveable within the first bore between an engaged condition engageable with the head teeth for locking the head in a selected position relative to the handle and a non-engaged condition disengaged from the head teeth and accommodating relative movement of the head and handle, and biasing structure for biasing the rod to the engaged condition.

The wrench also includes retaining structure coupled to the rod for retaining the rod in its non-engaged condition. The retaining structure may be disposed at several locations relative to the ratchet head. Filed: March 13, Date of Patent: June 18, Inventors: Bert Krivec, Steven R.

Wente, Jeffrey H. Electrical tester for small motor vehicles. Abstract: A tester includes a housing containing a passive test circuit including a plurality of LEDs respectively connected to terminals of a multi-terminal connector jack on the housing for connecting the tester, by means of an associated cable harness, between a keyswitch module and other electronic circuits on an associated vehicle to be tested.

Different harnesses may be provided, tailored to different vehicles. The test circuit is powered by a battery on board the vehicle and includes indicators dedicated to checking to see if the battery is connected properly and if an associated battery charging circuit on the vehicle is operating properly. The remaining indicators check different circuits, depending upon the particular vehicle being tested. The test circuit includes override switches associated with certain ones of the indicators and a test switch for simultaneously energizing all of the indicators.

Filed: June 25, Date of Patent: October 2, Inventors: Curt W. Lang, Mark A. Ratcheting composite screwdriver. Abstract: An insulating ratcheting screwdriver includes an elongated composite shank formed of electrically insulating material and provided with a bit holder at a working end thereof. The other end of the shank has an axial recess in which is disposed one end of a hexagonal connecting pin, the other end of which is press-fitted in an axial bore in one end of a metal coupler for joining the coupler to the shank.

The metal coupler is removably received in a receptacle formed in a ratchet mechanism disposed in one end of an elongated, electrically insulating handle. Filed: January 22, Date of Patent: July 17, DeVecchis, Walter Gedgaudas. Battery side-terminal adapter and Kelvin connector. Abstract: A battery connector 20 is provided that can be especially useful as a side-terminal adapter for use with a Kelvin connection.

In one form, the connector comprises an insulator 70 sandwiched between an elongated first conductor 30 having a longitudinal axis and an elongated second conductor 50 , wherein the first conductor and second conductor are slidably movable relative to each other. The first and second conductors respectively include first and second battery-terminal contact portions 38, 58 which are opposite each other and slidable relative to each other. A biasing member 48 biases the battery-terminal contact portions toward each other and a handle 90 is provided to exert a pressure against the bias to move the battery-terminal contact portions apart.

Filed: October 21, Date of Patent: July 3, Inventor: Bruce W. Alternator testing apparatus and method. Abstract: An alternator test apparatus includes a processor and solenoid drivers for controlling solenoids to selectively switch three discrete, fixed-resistance loads and combinations thereof in parallel across the battery terminals, while monitoring battery output voltage and alternator output current.

The system automatically sequentially increases the load from zero to a maximum load and stores the maximum alternator output current and the load at which it was achieved. After application of the maximum load, the system returns to the load at which maximum alternator output was achieved and tests the alternator diode.

Filed: October 30, Date of Patent: June 5, Inventors: Dennis G. Thibedeau, Craig Govekar. Reversible impact mechanism with structure limiting hammer travel. Abstract: An impact mechanism, such as an impact wrench is provided and includes a motor, a shaft rotatable about an axis and coupled to the motor and having a first shaft groove with first and second axial ends and a hammer disposed about the shaft and having a first hammer groove.

A ball is disposed in the first hammer groove and in the first shaft groove and couples the hammer to the shaft for relative axial and rotatable movement, with the ball moveable along the grooves. The wrench also includes a rotatable anvil for coupling to a load, a bias member resiliently biasing the hammer axially into engagement with the anvil and stop structure disposed along the shaft for engagement with the hammer to limit axial movement of the hammer away from the anvil so as to prevent the ball from contacting the second axial end of the first shaft groove.

Filed: August 4, Date of Patent: May 8, Inventors: Anil P. Ghode, Paul W. Griffin, Raymond D. Oscilloscope display with rail indicator. Abstract: A digital engine analyzer includes an ADC which can become railed to clip an acquired waveform signal. The analyzer has a waveform display system which displays an indication of the rail level and the fact that a displayed waveform representation is clipped at the rail level. In one embodiment the rail level is displayed as a red line and the clipped portion of the waveform is displayed as a flat line substantially at the rail level.

In another embodiment, the clipped portion of the waveform representation is displayed in red as a horizontal line at the rail level while the remainder of the waveform representation is displayed in green, and the rail level is otherwise not displayed.

Filed: August 13, Date of Patent: May 1, Inventors: Yosuf M. Insulating composite breaker bar. Press-fitted in the other end of the sleeve is a swivel yoke insert including a knurled body and a pivoting square drive lug, pivotal movement of the square drive being accommodated by a diametral slot formed axially in the distal end of the sleeve.

Filed: October 20, Date of Patent: April 17, Inventor: Gregory A. Reversible ratcheting power tool with synchronized motor and ratchet control. Abstract: A reversible ratcheting electric power tool has a reversible DC electric motor having an output coupled to drive a drive shaft through a reversible ratchet assembly.

Craftsman (tools)

Insulating driver with injection molded shank and fluted working tip. Patent number: Abstract: An insulating hand tool has an elongated shank injection molded of a high-strength, electrically insulating material, such as glass-reinforced nylon, and a handle formed of an electrically insulating material. The handle and the shank may be molded together in a unitary, one-piece construction, or the handle end of the shank may be press-fitted in an axial bore in one end of the handle or the shank may be insert molded into the handle. The working end of the shank is adapted to carry a working tip or a socket, either of which may be insert molded in the working end of the shank or may be press-fitted in an axial bore therein.

In , a cultural shift was underway in the United States as the automobile was rising in popularity, creating the need for an emerging automotive repair industry. Joseph Johnson, an engineer from Milwaukee, had an idea that would revolutionize repair and make work easier for professional mechanics.

The first is known to be early. It may be the first s series were unmarked. The 2nd photo is not date stamped, but it appears to be pre The label is smaller than those that follow, The ends of the S and spears.

Snap-on History Timeline

Snap-On Wrench Date Codes. I have a set of Snap-On wrenches that I purchased new in That symbol on Doug's Dad's wrench is clearly I have some tubing wrenches that I am certain are original to the set with that symbol. Many of the wrenches and sockets I have do not exhibit the date symbols, but are from the original set. I think Doug's wrench could have been a replacement. I believe that wrench was replaced around due to the original being lost. I also have some other wrenches that were purchased as replacements for lost wrenches with the symbol. It was fun researching this and thanks for sharing.

US9718170B2 - Socket drive improvement - Google Patents

Snap-On, Inc. To sell its products, Snap-On uses franchised truck drivers-nearly 4, of them-to purchase tools and equipment at wholesale prices and then market and deliver products directly to clients. Because Snap-On trucks are stocked with a wide variety of the firm's merchandise, customers are able to take delivery of many of their tools and equipment immediately upon purchase. Earnings growth proved less consistent. Many analysts became concerned about Snap-On's outlook in mid, when company officials revealed that third quarter earnings would be roughly 68 percent lower than in the third period of the previous year.

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Snap-on Tools is one of the largest and best known makers of hand tools today. This article will look at the development of the company during the s, covering its first ten years of operations. The company's founding principle was the superiority of interchangeable socket tools over fixed or "tight" socket wrenches, and their first product was a modest collection of five drive handles and ten sockets.

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Post by Bill H. Quick links. They are Snap On and marked "G" for govt use. Is there any truth to that? How would I confirm their originality or original application? Thanks, Boone Myers.

1/2 Early Sockets

This application claims the benefit of U. Provisional Patent Application Ser. The present application relates generally to tools for driving fasteners, and in particular to sockets and drives for tools. A variety of wrenches and tools are commonly used to apply torque to a workpiece, such as a threaded fastener. The workpiece may be any number of different sizes and shapes and fitments. Accordingly, many tools include a driver adapted to mate with one or more different adapters, such as sockets, to engage and rotate the different workpieces.

Snap on 1/2 ratchet for $ Date code Post image if you would like it, I have no 1/2 sockets nor do I really care to buy a 3/8 to 1/2 adaptor. So I'd sell it if.

Snap-on continued to improve its sockets throughout the s and beyond, although the pace of change wasn't as rapid as it had been in the s. In addition, numerous cosmetic changes were made to the socket styles, giving the sockets an updated appearance every few years. In addition to the improvements in socket construction, the number of applications for sockets expanded greatly, and Snap-on offered a much greater selection of sockets. Sockets were offered in shallow and deep styles, and with hex or double-hex and sometimes double-square broachings. The introduction of air-powered impact wrenches lead to a need for special impact-grade sockets, and the growing use of metric sizes required special sockets.

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