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Where to Find a Yard-Man Lawn Mower ID Model Number

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Is there an official pullers for mtd yardman cc to remove the double pulley that is fitted on the crank shaft end? My father wants to sell his yardman yard bug ride on mower.

It is in good condition. Without seeing it could anybody tell me roughly what it could be worth as I dont want to rip my father off but I dont want to rip myself off. I broke a drive belt I've forgotten the pattern to thread around the pulleys could you please help thanks Gary. Ha guys Wayne here. This Q is not about the above. I bought a older mtd 1 month ago. I want to get another belt for it but I don't know if it's original or not. There is no model number under the seat ,so can anyone tell me how to find or get the model number.

Thanks Wayne. I can't get park brake off any hints please. Have a Yardman 42" cut auto trans mower that moves as soon as the selector is moved into drive or reverse without the pedal being depressed. I have been trying to find some diagrams of "how to remove or fix" but I'm not having much luck finding anything on the computer.

Do you have anything or advice to help? Regards Chris. I have yardman mower, the blades do not switch on. I have replaced the pto switch a year ago as it was temperamental, this fixed it but has stopped again.

Is there another switch on the mower which might also be faulty. The blades do not turn off when you put it in reverse but it has been like this for several years could this switch be faulty? Cheers Oliver. It is a simple switch. My yardman auto drive does not have a model tag all i have is the motor model number i need to change main drive belt can anyone give me some tips?

Your model number is under the seat as it folds forward. If the safety switch under the seat is discounted will it affect the battery charging and head lights? Where can we buy a battery for yard man ride on mower.

Does anyone know part number or length of belt???? Thx in advance. I wanna play on new toy. My belts kept breaking so looked closer at 'Why'. I believe the cutting belt size that are recommended by the manufacturer and dealers are undersized and too narrow for the pulleys, hence overheating and breaking under load. An easy income of selling replacement belts by the Dealer outlets? Same theory should apply to your drive belt.

I have nothing to gain from the above information apart from more cash in my pocket! Cheers, Steven. Look under the seat and get the model number,either look the part up on the net or take it to the local mower place, they can measure the size of a new belt.

Genuine parts are expensive,once you have the size you can get after market belts or go to a bearing service and buy one off them,a lot cheaper. I have a 38"cut MTD. I believe it should be a "B" section which I am going to try. My actuated drive pulley solenoid burnt out due to a loose wire being cut through by the pulley and arced against it.

The cost to buy and have a new one fitted was, I believe extortionate, so I had an auto electrician by pass the solenoid. He fitted a switch to engage the cutter deck. The only drawback is the battery doesn't charge however its not an issue as I place the battery onto a charger after every second cut to keep the battery topped up.

Safety is still the same with auto cut off if you don't engage the park brake etc. All in all I saved a considerable amount of my money and the Yardman is still cutting strong! For ease of access, remove the battery then the battery box holder box. You will then have easy access to the top of the differential. Clear all debris and old grass cuttings from the unit. Find the lubrication top up port, unscrew and check the oil level and top up if required. Retrace your steps once completed. If the oil level is correct and the noise persists be mindful this may be normal 'wear and tear' as my Yardman has been whining loudly from the drive train area for years.

Also check your drive belt pulley bearing. I am thinking the the pulleys my not be aligned properly. Any help would be great.

Hi Darcy, I will assume you have engaged the cutting blades and if so check for bent or out of alignment blades. If you have the swing cutting blades fitted, they sometimes get stuck and will cause bad vibrations.

Also check the cutting arm has been fitted onto the spindles correctly as this also will cause alignment vibrations. Steven has just about got it covered. If you have hit a stump or rock it may have bent the blades or drive shaft,other than that the pulleys might be out of line as was the case with mine and kept breaking belts.

It was new from the dealer and it had never mowed a blade of grass. Als the hood has a really crappy fit over the engine compartment. The metal used is so thin. I just was not prepared for the drop in quality over the last 15 years.

My older mtd was a better built machine. I'm going to buy A set of chains for it but I figured my lb butt should let me skip the wheel weights. A my advice or comments would be great. How to install long rear wheel drive belt on mtd yardman? Belt configuration please. You have to undo the tensioner pully to fit a new belt. My advice is get rid of the mtd. If its the same as my one it just broke belt after belt. The belt configuration should be under the bonnet.

Hi Terry, I'm assuming you are like me in doing the basic running repairs in your shed without a hoist. This is how I changed the drive belt reasonably easily. Remove the battery 2. Drain the oil 4. Remove the cutting deck 5. Fit a looped chain around the front axle making sure it is secured properly 6. Get a chain hoist fixing it to a roof beam and the hook on the looped chain.

Using the chain, lift the front of the lawn mower up until it is nearly vertical keeping the rear wheels on the ground. You will have very easy access to the belt.

Retrace your steps once the belt is on correctly Note: be careful is you decide the adjust the belt tensioner as it won't take much to get it wrong. The above might sound like a lot of work however it doesn't take long, stops the crawling around on the floor, you can clearly see what needs doing and you will have easy access with tools hence no skin off your knuckles! Don't take shortcuts with safety so make sure the chain is heavy enough and kids are not running around etc. How to go about obtaining information for drive wheel replacement for model F self propelled yardman?

If the parts aren't in Australia you will have to wait till they have a full container from the US Ato get your bits. It took 5 weeks for me to get 2 lift arms from the USA for that reason. Then I had had enough,traded it to an aus made brand. Thanks phil65 I can still use it as a push mower.. Lost all electrical on my yard, an auto model. Does it have an inline fuse? It does! Same side as ignition, down the inside, may need to take the side of the mower cover off The blade belt of my yardman ride-mower broken twice after replace new ones only a few hours used each.

ALL repaired jobs serviced by authorized dealer. Could you please tell me what it is probably problem? Paul, Belts do wear out but not in hours. Were the belts slipping, did you smell burning rubber before the belt broke? A stick wedged in the deck will cause this.

MTD Model Number Locator

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Search for parts using your model number, or the part number you are replacing. Don't know your model number? Click here for help. Read full shipping policy. We'll make sure you get the right part.

How to find your model number

MTD riding lawn mowers have the power and ease of use to cut grass, haul materials and even operate as snowplows with the proper attachments. The mowers come in manual and automatic transmissions, and you can keep your yard maintained without a struggle. Yardwork doesn't have to be an all-day event. Using an MTD riding mower, you can manicure lawns that are larger than 2 acres without having to take a break. Riding lawnmowers are perfect for yards with a lot of corners and different margin widths. The dynamic design allows you to adjust the cutting width and makes turning corners easy so you don't miss a blade. Spare your body unnecessary strain by riding an MTD lawnmower that is supremely comfortable with all-leather seating. The adjustable seat makes it easy for you to find the right height to keep your legs touching the foot base to avoid leg cramps. You can also choose among a manual, automatic or hydrostatic transmission to feel comfortable driving such a powerful mower. Even with the reliability and ease of use of MTD riding mowers, wear and tear can cause worn-out parts that need repairing.

Better product. Everyday value.

MTD has been a leader in designing and building durable, easy-to-use outdoor power equipment. Our commitment is to provide our customers with Quality, Dependability and Value that they need and want. Lawn and garden needs for both residential and commercial markets. YardMan: outdoor power equipment, Yardman is the brand. Yardman's selection of walk behind mowers, lawn tractors, snow blowers, string trimmers and blowers can help you get the job done and get on with the more important things in your life.

Hand laborers and material movers manually move freight, stock, or other materials. Others feed or remove material to or from machines, clean vehicles, pick up unwanted household goods, and pack materials for moving.

Is there an official pullers for mtd yardman cc to remove the double pulley that is fitted on the crank shaft end? My father wants to sell his yardman yard bug ride on mower. It is in good condition. Without seeing it could anybody tell me roughly what it could be worth as I dont want to rip my father off but I dont want to rip myself off.

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The stick-on identification labels bearing the model number and serial number are on areas of the mower that are unlikely to need replacement even after years of use. The model-number label location varies by mower type. The label is a 2-inch-byinch rectangular label with the model number printed in a box to the left of the serial number, which also is in a box. The label on walk-behind, side-discharge mowers normally is on top of the deck behind or in front of the engine. The label on rear-discharge, bag-type, walk-behind mowers is normally on the door covering the rear-discharge opening. The label on riding mowers is underneath the seat.

MTD. Over fifty years later, still growing strong.

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Find a product. Owner's Centre. FAQ. Brands: P. N. For more than 50 years, MTD has been a leader in designing and building durable, easy-to-use outdoor.

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Mtd riding mowers tractors repair and replacement parts

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