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Top 10 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Sports

My girlfriend and i have not been together all that long, only almost 6 months. The first 4 months were amazing, I never felt so alive, we connected on every level. For the first time ever in a relationship I thought this could be it and she could be the one.

So I started looking at possibilty of moving in together and even ideas for rings. But now I'm so lost I don't what I'm doing. When we started dating we only spent a week together before I left for over 2 weeks on a pre-planned family vaction.

But once I got back we were constantly going out watching movie, going to mall, even went camping. Since then we haven't left each other's sides except for work and the couple times I went car shopping.

I can't pinpoint the exact timing but I think about 2 months ago she had gotten a new disc for a game PSU or for non gamers like me Phantasy Star Universe on XBox she had had previously broke a month or so before we started dating.

From that time on, she bacame more and more into just staying home and not going out, which seemed fine with me as work was slowing down so my money was disappearing fast. Then I became she'd continue playing when I'd show up then after 15 mins. Then more often she'd hand me her nintendo ds to occupy me while she' continue playing for an hour or so until I got bored and but it down or asked, which sometimes turned into begging for us to do something else.

Even my sexual attempts to distract her began failing. At some point I don't remeber exactly I mentioned to her that I noticed a change in her and it started about the time she got the new disc, I can't remember her response either, but I belive she just shrugged it off like no big deal. As far as meals if we didn't eat in her room while she played, she'd eat quickly then say I'll be back and run off to play and never come back. About a month ago I got game for myself that is multiplayer so we spent a couple weeks playing that together, but she'd play as or after I left for the night.

Then about three weeks ago I was able to pull her away by buying lego sets and building them together. A little over 2 weeks ago I was over one night, and she actually involved me in her game, a friend of her's broke up with his girlfriend and none of their other friends were on yet so she wanted me to have guy talk with him.

So after that I played ds for a bit then worked on some legos for a bit, slowly becoming more and more bored. I was trying to be nice about it but after 10 hours I decided to goto bed, which I was also being nice about staying the night cause I was getting upset about being ignored for so long, but figured that 1.

Boy was I wrong after only an hour or so I ended waking back up, half asleep I said somethin about her still being on.

So she angerly turned it off, picked up her phone texted someone and continued texting. I could tell she was mad but wouldn't aknowledge I was in the same bed little alone same house. I also told her thati don't like this new girlfriend and don't know where my girlfriend went but when she returns then talk to me.

So then the next day she was all upset and not really talking to me. Finally I got her to talk but she said she needed space to leave her alone. So I did, about three days passed of no to little contact, during which time her friend needed help moving so she told her to talk to me. So I ended up helping her friend move while she played her games, but later told her friend she was sleeping.

When i told her friend what had happened she laughed telling me that's what made her last boyfriend dumb her was over a game.

She finally texted me so i thought she was willing to talk about what happened so i kept asking, even asked to see her but she claimed to be busy. I got no answer from her for a long while until I just started hounding her with texts that night when she told me she still wanted space for now.

So that's where I sit now giving her space. As much as it hurts I can't find myself able to walk away, cause I love her that much and it's not my fault, it's her. It just scares me that if she does change now and things work out, if we end up married and she swings back into that grove what will I do. I just keep finding my going in circles to stay and help her since I have an idea what's wrong, or just walk away, leaving her to her game??

Sorry to all those who read all that, I have alot of feeling for her so letting go will be hard, but so is holding on. Any opinions on the matter will help. Thanks all for listening. If she doesn't want you anymore, then you don't have a relationship. It was hard to follow everything you said since its one monster paragraph, but I get the impression that its already over and its really about what you should do now. The easy answer to say from far away is, walk away, you've only invested six months in this relationship and now its over, better found out aftersix months than six years.

But you must do what you think best. Good luck to you. Welcome flakie1h1ker - I would have to ask you a question: Are you happy with the relationship as it is now?

In my opinion, it takes many months of a relationship with someone before their true colors show through. Everyone is on their best behavior at the beginning. What you are seeing now is the real her. You cannot enter into a mature relationship expecting to change the other person or you will end up disappointed. People donaEU tm t change who they are. Unless you are willing to play second fiddle to a video game, then you may want to consider moving on.

If you move in with the hopes that things will somehow get better on their own, I fear you will be disappointed. Not only that, but you will have less options because you will be financially tied to this girl. I also would like to know, have you told her how you truly feel about her excessive gaming? I know you said you tried while she was gaming, but you do not have her attention then.

I mean, really sit her down and let know know that this maybe a deal-breaker for you. Her reaction will tell you a lot. If she truly loves you, then a game should not matter that much.

It is just a game after all, right? If she doesnaEU tm t seem to respond well, then I would say she has an unhealthy attachment to this game - even addicted. Unless you want to live with an addict, then it maybe time to move on and find someone more healthy. Good luck to you and I hope you find happiness - with or without this woman. To answer your first question, yes in a way, the fact and amount I love her hasn't changed since she quit talking to me. I'm not even sure she quit talking to me because of the game, but the separation, is what made me notice she had a problem.

As for your second part, no other than the quick mention, because as i said earlier, it's been because of our distance now she may have a problem. I plan on trying to sit her down to tell her how i feel, but it'll be much easier if we are still together. If not I will pass on this info to her parents, cause I've seen how happy she is without gaming, so even if it's without me she deserves to be happy. Flakie Remember, no one "ends up married", they choose a person to spend their life with. And, you cannot expect that the person you choose is going to be any different after marriage than they were before marriage.

It is unfair to both of you to expect a spouse will change. This is what you have said about her: 1. For four months she was amazing 2. Then she began to ignore you 3. She no longer responded to your romantic overtures because her mind was focused on a bunch of pixels 4. She didn't talk to you for several days but felt free to offer your moving services to her friend 5.

You start to "hound" her by constant text messaging, kind of the beginning of stalking 6. She asks for space and says you are being nosey So what are you actually getting from the current situation? There is a difference between love and infatuation and it takes TIME, months and months to move from infatuation to love. She is not willing to give you what you want. Walk away. Go back to the life before this girl, or find a new one.

Move on. You should want to build a life with someone who cherishes and loves you and as much as you cherish and love them. Skip to main content. Log in or register to post comments.

Last post. November 6, - pm. Last seen: 11 years 2 months ago. Girlfriend may be choosing a game over me. November 7, - am. Last seen: 5 years 8 months ago. If she doesn't want you. Last seen: 11 years 1 month ago. Welcome flakie1h1ker - I. November 7, - pm. To answer your first. November 9, - pm. Last seen: 7 months 3 weeks ago.

Flakie Remember, no one.

"Be My Girlfriend" lyrics

McFarland Amazon. Patrick Hickey, Jr. McFarland , 3 Oca - sayfa.

Support the game by pledging at this zero reward tier, but gain access to the backer only physical rewards. In addition to the games steam key, you will also receive steam keys for the games DLC pack, which includes wallpapers and the games original soundtrack.

My girlfriend and i have not been together all that long, only almost 6 months. The first 4 months were amazing, I never felt so alive, we connected on every level. For the first time ever in a relationship I thought this could be it and she could be the one. So I started looking at possibilty of moving in together and even ideas for rings. But now I'm so lost I don't what I'm doing.


I mean, that article is…bad. Also, sometimes people just bounce off. Nothing sucks the joy out of something more than being pushed into it begrudgingly. She loves a good story and grew up on things like Avatar, Harry Potter, Disney, etc. Has she actually asked you to do this? Because maybe she was just showing an interest in your hobby!! My wife likes a very, very narrow kind of game- puzzle solving and the occasional Mario. She tells me where to go and what to do with her character, we sip some bourbon and have a good laugh.

Find My Girlfriend

Over 20, downloads! Featured in Laura Foy's Hot Apps November Find My Girlfriend is a guess who puzzle game where you must use your powers of deduction to find the right girl. Ask for a clue and eliminate as many girls as you can. When you think you have it, take a guess!

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See our picks. Title: The Girlfriend Game A young genius deviant uses a radio controlled drone fly with a camera in its head to spy on his ex-girlfriend. Two strangers, trying to avoid the crowd at a wedding reception, end up making an unexpected connection.

Will You Be My Girlfriend

Samara Weaving , who stars in Ryan Murphy 's new Netflix series, " Hollywood ," had a very unusual audition experience. Watch the video. Title: The Girlfriend Game

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Pretty self-explanatory from the title! With all the E3 stuff going on at the moment and my girlfriend showing slightly more interest than normal , I was wondering if anyone's got any tips or recommendations for things to try together? So I'm a woman who is a gamer. I obviously don't know your girlfriend at all so my assessment could be completely wrong. I looked at the games in that article and most of them aren't really to my taste.

Tips for getting my girlfriend into gaming?

There are a lot of games for girls ready here on our website, and you dear kids can see that one of them is the Will You Be My Girlfriend game that we have just brought for all the girls on our website. Inside this new game, you can see how much fun you can have with a cute girl that is going to want to have a cute boyfriend, and you will be the only girls that can help her. You will see that this is a new dress up game, in which once you press the play button, you will start a very special mission to help the girls on our website to find the perfect boyfriend. The cute girl in this new game is going to need your help, because she has to look as cute as possible on her profile pictures. This is a new online dating game, and you can see that the girl will have a profile on a dating app, and when she picks up a guy that she things that can be a perfect match for her she is going to have to change her style and outfits in order to be ready and make the boy want to make her his gilfriend. You will have to grow the matching meter on the bottom of the page, so you ahve to be very creative and continue searching through the outfits until you get it right. Create the perfect outfit for the girl on the dating app, and you will see how all the girls will continue to bring for you cute love games and other makeover games for girls that you will be able to play on your phones and tablets.

Jun 14, - it might help if you told us a single thing about your girlfriend's I know she did play TWD game a little bit a few years back with her sister and.

He watched. He bet on a few games without telling her. He had a great time.

My girlfriend birthday is first of January of millennium and she likes..

No eBook available www. Someone needs to tell that to Emerson Scott. All I ever wanted was to play ball.

Girlfriend may be choosing a game over me

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Will You Be My Girlfriend? Game · Play Online For Free

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Girlfriend may be choosing a game over me

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