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Nichkhun dating tiffany during wgm

May you shine even brighter this year! You only have good things coming your way. Sorry for being MIA. I also want to show my support for Nichkhun who needs it more than ever. Look, you already explained why you do tag your posts on khuntoria tag, and really, I understand it.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: [WeGotMarried] Couples You Thought Would Really Date (But Didn't)

♥ Khuntoria ID World ♥

May you shine even brighter this year! You only have good things coming your way. Sorry for being MIA. I also want to show my support for Nichkhun who needs it more than ever. Look, you already explained why you do tag your posts on khuntoria tag, and really, I understand it. For instance, they are complaining about me tagging posts in which I discuss Khuntoria by — you guessed it — tagging Khunfany. Khuntoria is the best thing in your life?

Also making empty threats is not cute. Oh well you tried. Yes Khunfany is real! Glad to see someone see things like I do. Tagging these posts under main fandom tags is inappropriate. And you were responding to khuntorians no less!

Good Job! Keep on posting! I was planning to stop tagging Khuntoria after that post but since so many people are still messaging me about Khuntoria I have no choice but to use the tag again. Khuntoria fans attacking already… I feel sorry to Victoira to have a fandom like this. They only care about Khuntoria not about her :. I do wonder if these Khuntorians even like Victoria. Honestly, at first I was a khunfany and khuntoria shipper.

But because of your attitude, I begin to hate khunfany. Can you please stop posting khunfany with khuntoria tags.. I think you are just another Khuntorian who is scared of the truth. Because he could not see her expression well since she was facing the MCs, he was watching the screen. But good job assuming things… Again. OMG this is the funniest thing I have read so far.

Except Robert Holley never did that. What proof do you have that a monitor was even up there? No one else was looking at the ceiling. Does Nichkhun have his own personal monitor now? He just looked bored. Nichkhun and Tiffany are doing all the work for me. You seem vindictive and try really hard to make your point while trying to bring others down. Karma works in special ways ;. And this concludes my answers for now. But a heads up to everyone who is so concerned about my tumblr.

Good luck to you all. And I love that other shipper fans are getting pressed over this. So, I would think twice before believing any rumor.

But believe what you want to believe. Just remember to not bother Nichkhun or Tiffany with it. Definitely a couple well matched. Real couple items? You mean the stuff Khuntoria fans bought them which are actually fan gifts? Those are not couple items. Nichkhun was seen wearing things that were meant for Victoria to own so he chooses whatever he wants to wear when it comes to those gifts. Also those infamous bvlgari rings were worn by other people too.

You might as well call them Kyutoria rings. And how is Khuntoria real since the beginning? WGM changed her out at the last minute due to schedule conflicts. Nichkhun loves Victoria? You mean pretended to be in love so all the fans who watch the show can be happy? Take the recent Radio Star appearance for example. Although MBC encouraged the two to behave like a couple by the graphics, questions, and topics neither Victoria nor Nichkhun wanted to behave like that anymore.

Instead Nichkhun showed no interest in Victoria except during gag moments and Victoria only treated Nichkhun like he was an acquaintance she worked with. Watch for yourself link. He is clearly sad about her experience and even went as far to call the MCs mean for trying to make her cry. So how is Khuntoria suppose to be a couple in love or even friends?

Nichkhun and Victoria were very awkward on this show. And this concludes my assessment of what Khuntoria is compared to Khunfany. I think have proven my point now. Coming from a person who seems to be obsessed with putting Khunfany down? No I think you enjoy my posts. Couples tend to wear the same times to show off their bond. Khunfany is no exception. They share A LOT of items which is not normal for casual friends. But the biggest giveaway is WHEN they started wearing most of these items.

Same cellphone charm. Even after Nichkhun was filming WGM. He still share same item with Tiffany. Same couple bracelet!! I think this is the biggest giveaway since they have worn it on several occasions. Which is important to not make their relationship obvious. Same shoes are various airports. No casual friends would do this. Owning the same personal items reminds them of one another.

And considering how busy these two are and it must be important to have belongings that remind them of each other. Khunfany is the best. Fan Twitter. Happy Birthday Tiffany! And hello to all my new followers. Glad to see the Khunfany love is spreading! Why are you so obsessed with khuntoria and trying to start a fan war? Khunfany wearing the same item again :. Regarding New Rumors of Khunfany. Anonymous asked : Although I ship other couples, I wouldn't mind these 2 together tho. They're cute together.

They both can speak english fluently. Ahh both their english speaking is HOT. I hope you keep it up with more insights. Thank you! Anonymous asked : are you crazy?? Anonymous asked : This might come off as rude but I don't mean it that way.

But can you not tag Khunfany stuff in Khuntoria's tag? I understand that you like KhunFany, and that is fully up to you, but I'd appreciate it if you just don't mix it with other tags if it doesn't truly relate. Khunfany wearing the same items :. Before Nichkhun joined WGM. Same hollow rimmed black glasses. Not prescription glasses.

After Breaking Up with Tiffany Young, Does 2PM’s Nichkhun Have Another Girlfriend to Reveal?

Krystal is f x member who made Victoria jealous, and Chansung is 2PM member who made Nichkhun jealous. Their 1st kiss was at their pre-wedding photoshoot and Nichkhun wanted Victoria to kiss him 1st, which was finally done 1st by Victoria. Nichkhun once said in Strong Heart that he would be really happy if Victoria was really his girlfriend.

How many people have viewed my blog? It is said that these two love birds have been dating for 4 months. They were friends back then and gradually getting close until they decided to date official.

The two were seen hand in hand as they walked out of the establishment, making their way to the parking lot. Speculation about the real score between the two has been spreading ever since f x and 2PM came back around the same time. Fans noted the different interactions between the two idols on and off the stage. Is this a case of lost love given a second chance? While it was true that they ate dinner together, they did so in the company of their members and staff.

What happened to Khuntoria?

By 7uckystar , June 1, in shippers' paradise. I didn't mean to pull your spirits down guys, I apologize if I made you feel that way, mianhae. Great way to end the day! Good night! I'm trying to push myself to support them but I really can't Sorry, just being honest. T he least I can do is to respect their relationship. But still shipping khuntoria is not bad right? At the same times please do not quotes pictures and videos. Times like these just make us lose faith, don't it?

[BREAKING NEWS] Girls Generation’s Tiffany and 2pm’s Nichkhun are dating + My reaction

First broadcast in , the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. With a new format and slightly different couples, newlyweds are given a mission to complete each week. As during the special pilot episode, interviewed participants provide a unique perspective on the ongoing relationship conflicts and developments. All of the recorded material is then played in front of the participants, MCs, and audience who add commentary or clarification.

By liya18 , April 6, in Random.

This might be a non-relationship to most, but as one of the most beloved couples who has appeared on We Got Married , Nichkhun and Victoria deserve to be mentioned as part of his relationship history. This relationship might have all been fictional, but to those hardcore fans, this seemed to be as real as it gets. The two are very generous with their skinship and fanservice on the show, back hugging each other and sharing very intimate moments.

10 Idol ships that sunk for good

Log in to comment. Night Mode. We love a good OTP and can't resist shipping them as much as possible. Sadly, sometimes these relationships come to a bitter end as the love game changes up our favorite pairings.

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Also, Tiffany is dating Nichkhun

Interviewer: You are active as an actor in China. What helped with you your acting? F x Victoria: WGM. Did she actually say that I find it kinda hard to believe. But nonetheless, anyone who thinks wgm is real is delusional anyway so this isn't saying much. I actually think Khun and Victoria match each other more, but of course him and Tiffany were the real deal.

Remember Nichkhun's thanks in "Still pm" album? rgb(, , );"[ENG Sub] Nichkhun talking about dating & rumor with Tiffany SNSD Add the fact during wgm shooting, Khun always said if Qian was his real  Sep 15, - 20 posts - ‎4 authors.

Now dating in mbc after wgm and victoria were still in the show on we got married. In radio star and check became a conduit of them were still on wgm at kshow will always be married. Victoria replied, border and check became a conduit of them together in radio star and wife.

Article: [Exclusive] Nichkhun and Tiffany break up after a ear They've been dating since Nichkhun was on WGM. What a long time.

I'm still looking for the Changtoria panns Well, they're all pretty and handsome so why not.. Most of the posts are deleted.

Она достаточно хорошо знала Танкадо и знала, что он боготворил простоту. Его доказательства, его программы всегда отличали кристальная ясность и законченность.

Следопыт так и не вернулся. Хейл его отключил. И Сьюзан принялась объяснять, как Хейл отозвал Следопыта и как она обнаружила электронную почту Танкадо, отправленную на адрес Хейла. Снова воцарилось молчание. Стратмор покачал головой, отказываясь верить тому, что услышал.

Это был агент Колиандер из Севильи. Он перегнулся через плечо Беккера и заговорил в микрофон: - Не знаю, важно ли это, но я не уверен, что мистер Танкадо знал, что он пал жертвой покушения. - Прошу прощения? - проговорил директор. - Халохот был профессионалом высокого уровня, сэр. Мы были свидетелями убийства, поскольку находились всего в пятидесяти метрах от места.

Голоса показались ему знакомыми. Он толкнул дверь. Комната оказалась пуста.

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