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Rwanda dating culture

I am meeting someone for the first time and I want to make a good impression. What would be good discussion topics? When meeting a Rwandan for the first time, it is best to talk about general interest topics. As we say, discuss "rain and sunshine". Avoid discussing topics that are too personal and that have to do with the private life of the person with whom you are speaking.



Rwanda Dating Rules and Tips

I am meeting someone for the first time and I want to make a good impression. What would be good discussion topics? When meeting a Rwandan for the first time, it is best to talk about general interest topics. As we say, discuss "rain and sunshine". Avoid discussing topics that are too personal and that have to do with the private life of the person with whom you are speaking. The average Rwandan believes that his personal life is private and that speaking about it would demonstrate a lack of good judgement.

When they speak about their private life, most people remain vague and anyone wanting more details will arouse suspicion.

At all costs avoid asking questions about ethnic origin: this is practically a taboo subject, even if every Rwandan is aware of his ethnic origin. Ethnicity was at the heart of serious crises in the country including the genocide , and anyone who brings up the subject without knowing about the risks and complexities of the situation may offend others or arouse suspicion. Sexual relations as a topic are taboo, and they are only discussed in private or are quite simply entirely avoided.

You can certainly show that you have a sense of humour. Rwandans appreciate irony or mockery, but in order for it to work, you should know how people think and be familiar with the wordplay used in the local language.

Moreover, humour is used with people you know, otherwise it may not be perceived to be in good taste. Upon meeting new people in Rwanda, the topic of family is often discussed. Whether or not you are married and have children is often one of the first questions asked. Talking about where you are from is also a good discussion starter.

Rwandans are often curious as to how foreigners find their country and if asked you can reply in generalities and be more specific about the positives.

Religion is often one of the first topics of conversation initiated by Rwandans. If you are not comfortable with this topic try to be diplomatic. It may be best to say what religion you were brought up in if you are non-practicing. Taboo topics include politics, ethnicity about Hutu and Tutsi, war and sex. This is understandable when you consider people were killed for their politics in the genocide. As the Rwandan troops are only recently moving out of the Congo, war is a sensitive issue.

People may have opinions but are reluctant to express them because of the political implication. Sex is not considered an appropriate topic of conversation at any time. Regarding humour, sarcasm is taken seriously so avoid using it. Small innocent jokes can be made when you know the other person on an informal basis and the language you are using is well understood by both of you.

The safest jokes to make are those made about yourself. The acceptable distance to keep when speaking with someone obviously depends on how well you know the person with whom you are speaking. For everyday communication, the acceptable distance would let you touch the person to whom you are speaking with your fingertips. Being too close would become embarrassing. If the speakers" gazes meet when talking, usually one of them will look away and from then on eye contact is rare. In general, people do not touch each other when they speak, unless they have reached a certain degree of familiarity.

Even if this is the case, Rwandans do not attach importance to public displays of affection. It is not well perceived to raise your voice or lose your composure no matter the situation. In their social relations, Rwandans generally will avoid telling the truth if it might hurt or upset the person with whom they are speaking or their superior , even if it means leaving out "a touch" of reality. This may be seen as a lack of honesty, but by reacting in this way Rwandans are convinced that they are being sensitive.

Almost every contact is initiated with a handshake and holding hands is maintained through the greetings and sometimes the entire conversation. If you are speaking while walking it is common to hold hands. This usually occurs within the same sex, but occasionally happens between men and women. People make eye contact but it is not constant. Facial expressions and gestures of happiness are acceptable but those of anger are not. It is best to never raise your voice when speaking, especially if arguing.

It is better to point out a mistake than to accuse anyone specifically. Subtlety is key. To greet someone: When entering a room it is common courtesy to shake hands with everyone present.

When greeting a closer friend or family member you hug and kiss on the cheek if you are female three times, alternating sides. It is also a show of respect to grasp your right forearm with your left hand when shaking hands or accepting or giving something e.

Rwandans believe that tact and restraint demonstrate a sense of wisdom. Displaying feelings of joy, affection, or sadness in public is not acceptable.

Public displays of affection among the same sex are acceptable. Men often hold hands and embrace when familiar. Women will do the same, but less frequently. Affection between men and women is usually limited to greetings.

Public displays of anger are rare. Rwandans, generally, remain calm and talk extensively when in disagreement i. Sadness is rarely demonstrated except at funerals. Public displays of happiness are acceptable i. As a general rule, you should dress well at work, especially when you hold a position of power. You do not necessarily always need to wear a jacket and tie, but an unkempt appearance is often poorly regarded. Relations between superiors and their subordinates are more or less formal: use the French formal form of you vous , call people by their titles Director, Secretary-General, Prefect, etc.

The choice depends on which is easiest to say or what is common practise in the workplace. Therefore, you will meet brothers and sisters who have the same father who have different last names.

On the other hand, having the same "family name" does not mean that people are in any way related. Certain last names are popular. People are not used to working under pressure and what is not finished today can be done tomorrow. Individuals also ask for days off for social events burials, weddings, or family illness. Dress is semi-formal or business dress.

Women can wear pants in Kigali or Butare but if working in the rural area, a skirt or dress is necessary. The hemline should not be above the knee. A skirt and nice fitted shirt and sandals is the most relaxed I would recommend for work situations. Men usually wear dress pants and a dress shirt while a tie is optional but often worn.

Dress shoes should be polished or, at the very least, dusted off when you get to work. Rwandans dress smart but not very conventionally. Very bright colours and varied patterns are acceptable. Clothes are always clean and pressed. In conversation you may initially address people as Madame or Monsieur, unless they have a title such as Director or Father. When you are more familiar with people, you may address them by one name, which is usually their non-Kinyarwanda name.

Use of "vous" is the norm when speaking French. One Rwandan associate once stated that here time is elastic. Deadlines are often changed, usually extended, and things are frequently rushed at the last minute. If you are working independently on a project, it is best to have it completed for the initial deadline because often you as an expatriate are expected to work in a timely fashion.

Lateness at work is only acceptable with good reason, but you may want to set an example as a foreigner. Many of your colleagues will be punctual anyways. Again, absenteeism is only acceptable if you have a good reason for it. An example of this would be illness. If at all possible contact a colleague or superior ahead of time to inform them if you know you will be late or absent.

If it is not possible to do so in advance, inform then as soon as possible. Productivity ebbs and flows. Without needing to account for time, employees will often do personal tasks during work hours such as telephoning friends or reading the Bible.

When a project needs to be completed, employees will often stay late and work weekends to complete it! How will I know how my staff view me?

Generally, it is expected that the superior has expertise in a key area of the organization, treats his junior employees fairly especially if he is an expatriate , and reassures others about their job security.

People also appreciate a director "who respects himself", and this may be judged by his dress, his acquaintances, and the example that he sets at work. People also appreciate a director who establishes clear work guidelines. As well they appreciate the superior getting involved in extra-professional activities, especially by organizing them and contributing financially. It is not always easy for a superior to know how his staff perceives him.

Some establish special ties with members of the organization in order to get feedback, but generally lose out since they may be manipulated and annoy the rest of the staff. The best way is probably to establish regular contact with people through extra-professional and social activities, thereby building trust.

“Stick to dating within your own culture!”

It is near the nation's geographic centre. The city has been Rwanda's economic, cultural, and transport hub since it became the capital following independence in The city hosts the main residence and offices of the President of Rwanda and government ministries.

Here, rwanda and view the right man tried locally for the most interesting women and are dissappointed about online dating in kigali? Rwandans don't start dating, who feeds the differences in rwanda!

Colombe Akiwacu , Rwandan model based in Paris, France. I will write this book later but I will be brief. A Rwandan male perspective. If you are going to live or work in Rwanda, I would not miss on this experience.

Are Rwandan men ‘slow’ in the dating game?

Rwandan and regional films are shown at the Kwetu Film Institute, or at different locations hosting the Rwandan Film Festival. Get down and dirty with a classic Kigali dish: big fish. This giant, grilled fish, topped with onions and spices, is more than enough to happily feed two people and will likely bring them closer together. Locals and visitors alike climb or drive up Mt. Grab a date and head to Fazenda Sengha, a horse-riding destination on top of the mountain, for an adventurous and beautiful afternoon. What better way to bond with a partner than through mutual education? Drinks on the Inzora rooftop Courtesy of Kigali Eats. Bring your date on this whirlwind tour of markets , local art, Rwandan coffee , and a couple of neighbourhoods off the beaten track. Amahoro is the largest stadium in Rwanda, and is a great place to throw back a few beers and scream your lungs out for your favourite team on a Saturday afternoon.

‘Rwanda is like a pretty girl with a lot of makeup, but the inside is dark and dirty’

While many guys tend to want to build their life around a shared interest, women in Tollywood are no different than regular women in dating a younger guy. No guy wants to spend a lot of time swiping left and right on dating sites, while the woman is distracted by her friends and family. With any single-issue teenager or young woman rwanda dating culture the Philippines, you know that it's normal to be keenly aware of her age. As mentioned earlier, the pictures they posted on their profiles are some of the most embarrassing in their catalogue of damage.

Br I just love living in Africa so I invite you to check out the following httpfBmCJO and httpeTmyl EnjoyI found even in Europe that personal space is smaller than we expect as North Americans but with a little practice you can keep your space. Then therell be endless glasses of sweet black tea along with bonhomie conversation and possibly an argileh.

The Rwandan culture includes not only the population of Rwanda but people in neighboring states, particularly Congo and Uganda, who speak the Kinyarwanda language. The important ethnic divisions within Rwandan culture between Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa are based on perceptions of historical group origins rather than on cultural differences. All three groups speak the same language, practice the same religions, and live interspersed throughout the same territory; they are thus widely considered to share a common culture, despite deep political divisions.

11 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in Kigali

Jump to navigation. Surprisingly, Rwanda regularly tops global gender equality tables. What can a traditional sexual practice reveal about gender norms? Alice McCool finds out.

D iane Rwigara asks to postpone the interview. For this, she has paid a heavy price. In her grand, heavily fortified home in the heart of Kigali, the Rwandan capital, the interview goes ahead after her adviser — a close friend — turns up safe. A stranger had called the night before and asked him to come for a drink. He woke up the next day in a hotel room, his phone missing, remembering nothing from the previous night.

Rwanda dating culture

You must think about a special approach. Any girl is individuality who deserves much more than just a handout. The same thing applies to Rwanda, one of the mysterious and beautiful countries of multifaced Africa. Times change together with accepted dating rules, therefore if you think about starting a relationship with Rwanda citizen, be aware of the following things. Rwanda is a homeland for many ethnic groups who differ in appearance, religion, and beliefs.

Jun 19, - An Outsider's Perception on Dating and Relationships, Rwandan Style at times hilarious and deeply reflective of the different cultural values.

It is pretty awesome to meet someone and immediately click! But before you get carried away by Cupid and his arrow, here are a few things associated with people of certain professions;. The whole point of journalism is to write, or better -to communicate stuff about people and places and situations.

KNOW YOUR HISTORY: Evolution of dating in the Rwandan culture

Can you marry someone you have never dated? But if you asked the same question to the senior citizens, you might be surprised by their response. Charlotte Gatama, who has lived in Rwanda for over 70 years, says initially dating was never part of the process leading to marriage in the Kinyarwanda culture. In fact whoever dared to suggest that people first date before getting married was always looked at as an enemy bent on destroying the social fabric of society.

A recent tweet from Olivia Ikilezi MsIkilezi , an employee of the New Times sparked off an interesting discussion from netizens. The debate was on whether men in Rwanda were the reason some women were spending a long time single or opting to date foreigners. In her tweet, Ikilezi called onto men to step up their dating game blaming them for making Rwandan women opt for foreigners. She was perplexed by whether men were just proud, shy or too serious to date.

One of the smallest countries on the African mainland, its capital city is Kigali.

Think about it. I doubt he will want to move back to Congo. You will just die in Nigeria. Love blinds common sense.

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