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What season does carl get a girlfriend

Kassidi Gallagher is a recurring character introduced during the eighth season of Shameless as the love interest and later wife of Carl Gallagher. She appeared in Season 9 and seemed to go missing at the end of the premiere. Kassidi meets Carl when he takes her and others in. Kassidi gives Carl the idea to send a ransom note to her wealthy father and makes him believe that way he can get his money. Her father, knowing full well it's a scam, gives Carl the money, hoping that she will come back home.

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Carl Gallagher (US)

Carl is seen as a trouble maker in Season 1, after almost facing expulsion. In Season 2, his love for selling drugs starts when his grandmother Peg convinced him to get prescription drugs to make meth. We don't see a lot of the bad side of Carl in Season 3, but he does end up shaving his head due to Frank convincing him he has cancer.

We see Carl's first love interest, Bonnie, who lives in a van with the rest of her family, but their relationship ends when Bonnie's family leaves.

Carl's interests include drinking, weapons, explosives, and death. Deep down, Carl is actually a good kid messed up by a completely dysfunctional childhood. He cares deeply about his family, especially his siblings and his father Frank, despite Frank's complete and utter failure as a parent and role model. In his adolescence, he detaches from Frank though he continues to love the latter and show concern for him at times even when angry with him.

In Season 5, he uses his nephew, "Chuckie", to deliver drugs but gets caught when Sammi notifies the police. In his trial, Fiona wants Carl to grovel, but he instead insults the judge and doesn't name his drug dealer, which lands him a year in juvenile prison.

He didn't mind as he wanted the experience to boost his reputation. After his release from juvie in Season 6, he adopts a thuggish attitude and believes he is too cool for most things. His new way annoyed his family and friends who told him to stop but he ignored. He also tries to impress his new love interest Dominique Winslow though his ways cause her to rebuff his advances. Once his juvie friend Nick kills someone, Carl is then traumatized by the event and throws away his thug behavior, becoming more like old self though silent.

Because of this, Carl ends up gaining the affection of Dominique and forms a relationship with her. Following Dominique cheating on him, he bonded with her father and decide to better himself by joining military school. Carl became even more serious in his return from school, as seen when he cooked for his family and was respectful to his grandfather Bill Darrgen while taking his suggestion more.

Carl mostly plays a minor role, as he is shown to be a bit of a delinquent and he frequently gets into trouble at school and possibly faces expulsion. During Killer Carl , he protects his brother Lip from an angry jock who attempted to harm him. Carl struck the bully with a baseball bat and was praised for it. In It's Time to Kill the Turtle , Carl is excited when Frank gets sober and bonds with his family and friends to pass the time and has fun doing so. Carl is very pleased when Frank does work around the house by cooking and telling stories.

However, Lip advised Carl, Fiona, and Debbie to "enjoy the moment while it lasts. Eventually, Frank's soberness becomes too much for the elder children when he tries to break a supporting wall with Carl.

He loses his chance at getting the money when Lip and Fiona, spurred by Debbie, force him to drink alcohol. In Nana Gallagher Had an Affair , Carl watches as Monica takes over as a caretaker for the kids and scrambles at the stress of doing so but is happy to have her.

He tries a stunt and builds a ramp, which he rides his bike on and ends up injuring his arm in the process. Carl tells his father who uses this to his advantage by having Carl get struck by a disability investigator and making him think he injured Carl who asks if he can go to the hospital, which Frank promises if he makes it convincing. At the Alibi, he is with Fiona, Lip, and Debbie, as they find their father, he high fives his father over their success. He soon watches as Frank tries to shoo them away.

When Frank looks to him for help after he is criticized and punched, he shakes his head and leaves with them. At dinner, when Lip reveals that that Ian is not Frank's son, Carl is surprised and watches as Ian goes over the test and it reveals that he is the child of one of Frank's brothers, making him both the half-brother and cousin of the family. Carl is surprised that he has uncles while Fiona states he has three. Carl is impressed by her having a gun and is pleased to keep her secret after being given money.

He later wheelchairs her to the Alibi to find his father and she promises him a drink after refusing to pay him again. At the end, he is sleeping in the old van in the backyard with Frank who was kicked out by Sheila and had his old room taken by Peggy. Carl wakes his father up to tell him that Frank wet the bed, a dismayed Frank told him to scoot over to the dry area. During A Bottle of Jean Nate , Carl ends up striking a relationship with Peg and has fun with her teaching him to play poker, buys him things from department store, even wants to help him learn a skill Frank knew Peg had ulterior motives other than just visiting him and his family, as Peg takes Carl with her to the local drug store to ask people going in if they could buy certain medications for his sick grandma, a young boy being a perfect cover.

Despite this, a woman knew what he was obviously doing but complied after he promised her a gram when they are up and running.

They get the items they need and head back to the Gallagher house and set up in the basement with their meth making operation. Peg needs to leave and asks Carl to keep an eye on the cooking. He ends up causing an explosion, rocking the entire house. This causes Fiona to keep him away from Peggy. In Parenthood , Carl is upset about being separated from his grandmother as Fiona scolds him for his act on the house. Carl has his head shaved by Frank, who convinced him he had cancer because he wanted to extort the Make a Wish Foundation.

Instead, the Foundation sends Carl to cancer camp. Before leaving, Frank gives Carl an unmarked bottle of antacids and tells him they're pills to cure his cancer. Carl hates the camp, as everyone is treated with "kid gloves" and made to participate in wholesome activities. He gets to know another kid and decides to defy the rules set by the camp.

A pretty female counselor notices that Carl is unhappy and tries to help him have more fun, but her activities don't live up to Carl's expectations. At night, Carl tries to break into a cabinet with a new friend and another female camper, when the female counselor catches them in the act.

Upset that she has failed in her duties as a counselor, she begins crying and asks Carl and his friend how she can make their camp experience more fun. In response, Carl tells her he wants to see real life boobs before he dies still believing he has cancer. The counselor complies and shows Carl and his friends her breasts, but is caught by the other counselors, and ultimately fired. Carl also has an unhealthy fixation with death, and goes so far as the attempt to kill his cousin Patrick using rat poison in the middle of the third season after Patrick tries to evict them from the family home.

Fortunately, he survives, and Carl's biggest offense is attempted murder, rather than first-degree murder. Since Carl is still a kid, he has no understanding of sex and sexuality, but has a strange fascination with homosexuality and what exactly it entails.

Ironically, he and Liam are later placed in a foster home with two gay men interested in adopting them. While staying at the foster home, Carl discovers the couple's gay porn collection and is caught watching it in the couple's bedroom, to which he asks "why do they all have mustaches? Carl eventually returns back to the Gallagher home later in season three after Fiona is granted full guardianship of the kids.

Later, in Order Room Service , he attempts to bond with his father Frank, after Frank tells Carl of time when Carl's grandfather and Frank did a heist. They use the security code he was given to break into his "Foster Gays" house with Frank and rob the place. The two celebrate their loot and bask in the glory. After Mickey's wedding, Lip and Ian come home to find a police officer arresting Carl for the crime. Lip tries to defend Carl from the officers but Frank appears on the scene.

In a shocking stray from character, he confesses to being the one who committed the crime, by telling them he forced Carl to give him the code and shows items to prove it forcing the police to let Carl go. Carl is tended to by Lip as Frank is arrested, as Carl was amazed by his father's act and watches as he is taken away bidding them goodbye.

After Frank is released but placed in the hospital for his liver, Carl tends to him and shaves his head after it is hinted that Frank may have cancer. Carl tells Tony to put Frank on the bed and bids him farewell after he is done. After Fiona arrives, she immediately wants to kick Frank out when seeing his condition. However, Carl defends his father and tells her he will take care of Frank while intimidating his sister to allow Frank to stay. Fiona begrudgingly allows it and Frank weakly thanks him for his help.

In My Oldest Daughter , when Frank's liver fails, Carl takes it on himself to get him pain medication and find him an organ donor. Carl later begs Fiona or Lip to help their father but they don't want to give their liver to Frank, to his sadness.

At night, Carl pleads to Fiona who refuses again and apologizes to Carl as he leaves, while Frank tells him and Fiona that he will go to his eldest daughter Samantha for help. During Like Father, Like Daughter , Carl is going through puberty and flirts with Debbie's new friends who are flattered. He soon helps Frank find Samantha now a grown adult with a kid of her own Chuckie Slott , making Carl remark that he's an uncle. Carl also remarks on his new sister looking like a female Frank and lets Frank go off to talk with her.

As of There's the Rub , Carl breaks his sleeping father's leg at his request to get a check for the liver surgery. Later on, he is syphoning gas from a school bus before he meets with his father and he formally introduces him to Samantha who is excited at meeting part of her extended family and introduces her son to him.

Carl is less than pleased to have another older sister but goes along with his father's plan of building a lodge. He also helps in the search for Frank since he is needed to reclaim Liam or else he'd go into foster care.

Carl goes home where he helps Sammi tend to Frank and soon informs the arriving Lip of the new additions to the family, after he inquired on who they are while looking for Frank. He is present with the rest of the family when Liam is released from the hospital.

At the end, Carl burns down the sweat lodge his father was in after he is told it nearly killed him. During A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin , Carl is present when Lip takes charge in the house and he agrees with his brother on Sammi needing to earn a keep if she intends to live in the house. Carl also beats up bullies for insulting his little brother's condition.

He is also worried about his brother's condition but relieved to see that he is fine. During Hope Springs Eternal , he is less than pleased when Fiona throws away his taser for her parole officer meeting.

He and Debbie decide to go to Sheila's house where they help Sammi tend to Frank. Since Carl also needs a parent to attend his meeting and since Fiona can't go, he decides to take Frank. Carl also helps his half-sister scam people to get money for Frank and is successful in the scheme. He is later present at Lip's college and amazed by the party, as well as Amanda performing sexual acts on Lip. In his school meeting, he takes Sammi along with their father to speak. He watches Frank stick up for him and justifies his attack since he was probably doing them a favor, since they'll most likely be successful.

Carl is pleased that his father's rants actually came in handy and he is let off the hook. They scheme together to gather money for Bonnie's family, and Carl slowly falls for her.

The Evolution of Carl on Shameless

The show revolves around the lives of the dysfunctional Gallagher family. The mother leaves the family and the father is not at all responsible. Frank Gallagher is more interested in drinking and creating schemes to get money than taking care of the family, often leaving the children to fend for themselves.

If you can't get enough mystery and mayhem, you'll be all about these crime novel adaptations. Watch now. In detention, Carl shares a connection with a troubled girl named Bonnie.

Carl is seen as a trouble maker in Season 1, after almost facing expulsion. In Season 2, his love for selling drugs starts when his grandmother Peg convinced him to get prescription drugs to make meth. We don't see a lot of the bad side of Carl in Season 3, but he does end up shaving his head due to Frank convincing him he has cancer. We see Carl's first love interest, Bonnie, who lives in a van with the rest of her family, but their relationship ends when Bonnie's family leaves. Carl's interests include drinking, weapons, explosives, and death.

The Legend of Bonnie and Carl

Both Lip and Carl are trying to make early exits without their ladies knowing. He says Liam can go on the trip, but first, the boy needs to take pictures of the valuables and get the security code. Meanwhile, Kassidi is tired of waiting on Carl and goes to check on him in the bathroom, leading to her shrieking. Speaking of marriage, quite the situation is taking place next door. Kev, V, and Svetlana are standing over a tied and gagged Frelania. Third problem: Frelania has to pee. And in hopes of neutralizing the mom, Kev and V go to pick her up at the airport. Upon arriving back at the Alibi, they take care of problems No. Like she has been so often this season, Fiona is absent from the busy Gallagher morning. Fiona also has her own legal problems to deal with.

Do you remember how young and innocent Carl is when we meet him in the first season of The Walking Dead? Ah, the good old days. Little Carl, who could barely fit into Rick's sheriff hat, has grown up quite a lot since then. Although we're not sure how old Carl is on the show — neither does the show's comic book creator, Robert Kirkman, for that matter — we do know that Carl has matured into his own man and is able to make decisions and fend for himself much to the dismay of Rick at times. The one thing we haven't seen on the show yet, but that definitely happens in the comic books, is the moment when Carl finally loses his virginity.

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Carl loses his scholarship to military school and spends most of the season taking odd jobs to earn quick cash. As luck would have it, a doped-up rich kid attempts to break into the Gallagher home and Carl holds him hostage in the basement until he sobers up. That's how our favorite young Gallagher meets Kassidi, an overprivileged heiress looking to escape her elitist trappings for a taste of normal life. After arguing with Kassidi, Carl is determined to buck Gallagher tradition and stick with the relationship despite things getting rough.

Poor Carl Gallagher. He just wants to go back to military school, but his new wife, Kassidi, won't let him. She wears a vile of his blood. She cut up his military clothes. She faked a suicide attempt to pressure him into marriage.

Shameless season 9 starts out with Frank Gallagher covered in vomit, which means Shameless is back in full force. As soon as he wipes the vomit off and scrubs his you-know-what, Frank heads out to have sex with PTA moms Greta and Beverly. Typical Frank. While fixing up the building, Ford gets a call from someone named Patty. Fiona immediately assumes the worst.

During last season, fans watched as Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) struggled to get his girlfriend Ingrid pregnant. just year, the network does drop new episodes into their streaming library just after midnight on Sundays.

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